Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Emma!

So... We have this little girl, Emma. She is kind of a dork sometimes. ;) Ha!
 But we love her so very much and were so excited to "Get our Sparkle On" for her 6th Birthday!!
 Aiden picked out a Barbie make  up case for her. Perfect!

 It was literally Hurricane Barbie in our house - there is still some debris, the clean up efforts are on-going. ;) This girl needed some PINK cupcakes for our family party at Chuck E. Cheese.
 Aunt Christy had her Sparkle on! And Yunice was lighting the place up with her cuteness!
 Emma was going after the horse ride! Yah, Yah!

 Aiden got to be a Birthday Star too since we didn't know you had to have a reserved party to be able to do the ticket blaster at his party.
 He said, (after hiding in the bathroom for the first 30 minutes of the party) that "Aiden isn't scared of Chuck E. anymore! Aiden likes Chuck E." Well good! ;)
 Ticket Blaster!!!
 Aiden kicked bootie in the blaster! He got 2 coupons for 100 tickets stuck in his hat! Yay, Buddy!
 Aiden was excited to show her that she got a sewing machine from Nana! She is pumped to sew some dresses for her American Girl dolls.

Saturday, was her REAL sparkley party at Glitterbox Nail Salon. Loved how her cake looked - not so good for the BG, but it was cute!

 Both cheeks full of chicken nuggets. :)
 All the girls were so cute getting their pedis!

 Showing off their sparkle!

 Cake = fail and he didn't eat that icing! Just part of the cake and the icing in the middle of the layers. I don't get it at all!
 Squinkies from Laci! :) She loves them, but she was like "Mom, they are Squeakies!" Sorry! Kind of like "Mom, it is Justin BEAVER!" Ok, Sis...
 One of our best Ladybug soccer stars (along with a few others) and she got Ladybug nails and got Emma a Ladybug Pillowpet, which Emma LOVES!
 Emma and Ella with their flower accessories! :)
 When we got home, we had our usual balloon release so Nana, Aunt Mary, Hannah Grace, Kyle, Erma, Randy and Christy's brother could party with us in Heaven. ;)
 They were pretty zonked and cuddled up most of the night. This was at the 12am blood sugar check and see that tiny little spot to the right of Aiden's bootie? Yeah, that's my spot. Gotta love the family bed arrangement. :)
Happy 6th Birthday, Emily Anne Evans!
We love you so much!


  1. So sweet, Leigh!!!! I love the total happy face on Emma in the photo of her getting a pedi.

    The one about the balloons is way cool. You are such as fun loving Mommy!!!!

    And, the one of them sleeping is precious. I LOVE sleeping with my kiddos, even if it doesn't leave much space for me. ;)


  2. Happy Birthday Emma! What a wonderful birthday!!