Thursday, January 20, 2011

More snow!

Here's for Amy!! Look, it even covered the grass this time!! SO .. it is our first Legitimate snow day of the year! Ha!

JDRF Walk Awards!

Last week was our JDRF Walk Awards. Aiden was pretty excited to get a plaque!!
 We all were since we weren't even able to be at the walk last year. We were lucky enough to have my mom and cousin, Kaylee walk in Aiden's honor. But this year... watch out!! We are going to really kick bootie!!
 The kids got to ride go carts.

 And we got to bowl!! Haha!!
 I decided I probably didn't like it because of Matt always taking pictures of my backside like this!! HOWEVER, I decided that bowling is MUCH, MUCH better when Flash Dance is blaring in the backgound! It was awesome!! ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kind of scared...

We have Aiden's A1C appointment coming up and I am just scared to death that it will still be 10 and it is just making me worry about everything. Plus, Aiden's blood sugars have been pretty wonky lately and he seems to be needing quite a bit more insulin to stay in range.  So... I have a lot of questions.

--this is just a little backstory--You know from our Diabetes meme that we are very "Vanilla" what with our 2 units of Lantus a day. Well, recently we moved up to 3 units a day and for about the last week or two, we have been having to give a unit of Humalog here and there everyday as well. It was stressing me out, but as I was ringing in the new year (actually it was just my alarm on my phone ringing to wake me up for the midnight blood sugar check) I just had this epiphany that 1. things were changing RIGHT NOW and 2. that things were always going to be changing. I can't expect to get used to something, because then we will have a growth spurt or something else that will just cause it to go haywire. Now, don't get me wrong. I pay attention... I have heard EVERYONE in the DOC talk about this change, but for some reason, it just clicked with me that night that we are currently in that time of change. So now I am trying to actually go by the carb/insulin ratio and sliding scale that we were given by our Endo and it's working. YAY!

Now for the questions... With our appointment coming up, I asked our Endo in our weekly emailing in the blood sugars, if we need to do anything before we come, like getting the blood work for the A1C or did we need to bring anything. He just replied "Bring his log books". I thought "AUGHHHHHHHH" What log books? I just log all of his blood sugar numbers into excel and then make a note if we had to give Humalog in addition to the Lantus. I haven't recorded everything thing that he has been eating since about 2 weeks after coming home from the hospital. Do you think that is ok? And we always just stick to the 10 g. carbs for snacks and between 30-45 for meals and I make a note if we don't do that (i.e. birthday cake or something). So do you "Loggers" log the number of carbs in addition to the blood sugar? OR do you write down everything they eat? I remember seeing some posts on logging, but I guess I need a refresher.

And with the A1C appointment, do they usually draw blood then or do they use the meter? Or maybe different Dr.s do different things.

And one more thing... I still don't think we are ready for pumping, but I am really thinking about the CGM. I have heard tons of pros, are there any cons besides the obvious of having somthing attatched to him 24/7? And Matt and I are really interested in the Omni Pod. Laura (or anyone) - can you use a Omni Pod CGM and not the pump?

Thanks guys! It really helps to know you are out there to ask! Love ya!! (((Hugs))) DOC style!

Snow Day!

It is our first official snow day with a school ager! It was really exciting. Except, now I am good and satisfied and we can just finish out the school year and bring on swimming weather. :) Just kidding. I would be fine with a few more big pretty snows. But I hope we can get out of school sometime in JUNE!

It was cute because Aiden kept calling it Christmas since it was snowing and asking when Santa was coming. ;)

Skeet Shooting

They had fun shooting skeet, but it was COLD!

Happy Birthday, Emma!

So... We have this little girl, Emma. She is kind of a dork sometimes. ;) Ha!
 But we love her so very much and were so excited to "Get our Sparkle On" for her 6th Birthday!!
 Aiden picked out a Barbie make  up case for her. Perfect!

 It was literally Hurricane Barbie in our house - there is still some debris, the clean up efforts are on-going. ;) This girl needed some PINK cupcakes for our family party at Chuck E. Cheese.
 Aunt Christy had her Sparkle on! And Yunice was lighting the place up with her cuteness!
 Emma was going after the horse ride! Yah, Yah!

 Aiden got to be a Birthday Star too since we didn't know you had to have a reserved party to be able to do the ticket blaster at his party.
 He said, (after hiding in the bathroom for the first 30 minutes of the party) that "Aiden isn't scared of Chuck E. anymore! Aiden likes Chuck E." Well good! ;)
 Ticket Blaster!!!
 Aiden kicked bootie in the blaster! He got 2 coupons for 100 tickets stuck in his hat! Yay, Buddy!
 Aiden was excited to show her that she got a sewing machine from Nana! She is pumped to sew some dresses for her American Girl dolls.

Saturday, was her REAL sparkley party at Glitterbox Nail Salon. Loved how her cake looked - not so good for the BG, but it was cute!

 Both cheeks full of chicken nuggets. :)
 All the girls were so cute getting their pedis!

 Showing off their sparkle!

 Cake = fail and he didn't eat that icing! Just part of the cake and the icing in the middle of the layers. I don't get it at all!
 Squinkies from Laci! :) She loves them, but she was like "Mom, they are Squeakies!" Sorry! Kind of like "Mom, it is Justin BEAVER!" Ok, Sis...
 One of our best Ladybug soccer stars (along with a few others) and she got Ladybug nails and got Emma a Ladybug Pillowpet, which Emma LOVES!
 Emma and Ella with their flower accessories! :)
 When we got home, we had our usual balloon release so Nana, Aunt Mary, Hannah Grace, Kyle, Erma, Randy and Christy's brother could party with us in Heaven. ;)
 They were pretty zonked and cuddled up most of the night. This was at the 12am blood sugar check and see that tiny little spot to the right of Aiden's bootie? Yeah, that's my spot. Gotta love the family bed arrangement. :)
Happy 6th Birthday, Emily Anne Evans!
We love you so much!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brinkley!!

Happy 11th Birthday, Brinkley Elizabeth!!
We love you!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

And Happy New Year!

Blah, just FYI, this is pretty negative of me so if you don't want to read, that's fine, just go read this and you will be laughing so hard, you won't even care that I hate 2010...and new year's... and bowling! (Thanks Laura! My stomach still hurts from laughing so much! hahahaha)
But anyway, we had a sucky 2010 and I don't usually like new year's eve anyway and I generally don't enjoy bowling obviously, I wish I would have had this link that night so I could have at least been laughing at that! But I didn't so I am sure I was less than pleasant. Sorry Matt's family!

 Let me tell you... Emma is a mad bowler with some serious skilz... Not really... I just happened to catch her mid- silly dance right before she fell to the ground. :) Oh, well. It looked good.

Next time, I think I'll fix it where the bumpers pop up during my turn too and I bet I have as much fun as Emma! ;) Happy 2011!!