Thursday, December 16, 2010

We LOVE the DOC!

Well our UPS man and the mailman have been super busy delivering us lots of love from the DOC! Aiden was so excited to get this package today!
 Thanks, Super Nate and Houston family! We love this shirt and hope to have one that is half this cute for our race!
 Emma insisted that the ornapods go on her tree because they said Emma on the back! ;) I am totally stealing them tonight to put on our big tree!
 We got our shirts from Sweet Pea last week! I LOVE THEM! They are so cute!
 Then of course, there are the PJ's for the Cure that I won from Meri!  (Emma was really having fun on her Polar Express field trip, she just wasn't in a picture taking mood!)
Thank you all so much! We love everything! But most of all we love all the support that we get from all of you everyday! Thanks a million and Merry Christmas! ;)


  1. AWESOME!!!!! I love me some D Mamas!!!!!

  2. WOWY, WOW, WOW GIRL!!! You are rockin' those PJs! Love you too!

  3. So do collect other team's T-shirts? Just wondering, cause I think if you did that is mighty cool :)

    I am so coveting those P.J.'s!!!! And the pouty little girl is just too cute ;)

  4. Yay for the DOC! I love me some D Mamas too!!
    AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  5. This post makes me happy. Getting packages from D moms is priceless! We got our pod decoration yesterday too. :)