Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little pre-Christmas fun...

Last Friday was Emma's last day of school for 2010 and the day of her Christmas party! Yay! She had been counting down the days.
 She and her friend Diana. :) Diana is so generous. She is always giving her (and me) little plastic jewels or marbles. :) She's a sweetie!
 Emma's teacher, Mrs. Fulghum, had lots of little goodies for them. Emma just said to write "I love Mrs. Fulghum."
Friday night was our annual trip to the Lights of the Ozarks (Fayetteville Square) with the Luningham family. Here, they are checking out the baby pony. :)
 We may have to take out a second mortgage on our house if they have come up with anything else to sell or ride there next year. Because they have to do it all. :) First, was riding the ponies.

 Next, was Cinderella's carriage.
 Of course they needed inflatable Santas. (And, by the way, I was really grossed out thinking about who blew it up originally when I had to re-blow it up.  YUCK! and unfortunately I didn't think about it until mid-blow!)
 This was the only one where all 4 were actually looking at the camera.
 Ella and Emma 2010. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!
 Evans Fam
 Then on Saturday, we took off to Branson. On the way there, we started seeing a few eagles. So we slowed down and when we came around the corner, we saw this tree! It was full and there were 3 or 4 more trees full! It was really amazing! My mom would have really had the BIG ONE if she saw them (she drove all the way there the next day and there weren't any!) It was really exciting!
 I didn't even get pictures of Silver Dollar City or the Dixie Stampede. But they were fun too. It was really an accomplishment at SDC because we went with NO stroller (we did last time too, but we had lots of family to help) but this time we were on our own and it was great! It didn't even seem like we needed one. It was also fun because we did lots of things that we don't usually do like ride the train. We didn't even go near the frogs! I guess it is a sign that they are growing up! ;) I wasn't even too sad about it.

Sunday night was yet another Christmas tradition... Our annual reading of The Night Before Christmas at the Reynolds house. The cousins had so much fun as usual. Chas did Emma's hair so cute! And we had our new "go to" dessert, SF pudding. YUM! ;)

Monday night, my Uncle John got married to Michelle! Yay! We got to see all the Karnes cousins and that was fun.

 Tonight, we had a neighborhood 'Happy Birthday, Jesus' Party. We had cheese "north stars", animal cracker camels, donkeys and sheep; we read several nativity stories and did some cute crafts.
 Aiden and his "twin" Matthew. They are a month apart and I swear you can't tell them apart from the back.
 Happy Birthday, Jesus!!
 Coloring ornaments.
 Some of them singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!
Looking forward to lots more fun activites over Christmas break! :)

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  1. OK, how do you get it all in! That is a ton of activity girl. I love the pix and the eagles were amazing!