Sunday, November 28, 2010

So Thankful...

... for cute little things the kids do

I love seeing little things like this that Emma has done all by herself in her room. She said, "Mom, come see my models!" :)

 ...for trips to Branson!

On the way up the hill to Silver Dollar City after shopping and lunch at Lamberts! YUM!! You can't beat a place that throws rolls at you and puts fried potatoes right on a paper towel in front of you! ;)
 Riding backwards on Thuderation with Emma! Aiden was just right at 42 inches - he will get to ride next time for sure!
 Cousins waiting on the parade.
 He pointed to her and told her to be good and he would see her in a few weeks. :)
 The cousins.
 Aiden was scared of Grandpa's Mansion at first, but then he had fun. It was HOT in there!
 Hot Cocoa worked out! We brought our SF hot chocolate and they had the nutritional info for the "whupped cream" so we are all set!

...for Christmas decorating!
Aiden did the star this year.

...for playing well together! 
 Hahaha! Emma declared herself the winner, but Aiden is clearly a descendant of Zorro. They have been playing so well together lately! Although we still have our moments... I just heard her call him "lame" and tell him she was going to fart on him. Nice. That did sooo not come from me! Thanks Daddy!

...for Thanksgiving distractions!

John (finally) asked Michelle to marry him and it made the day so much better! We have really been dreading the first Thanksgiving without Nana, Kyle and Aunt Mary. So this really provided a welcome distraction for the day!
 And you know we are thankful for butter! Ha! Just kidding, but I loved the verse on the plate, so I had to take a picture. :)
 We also got to go see Tangled with the cousins after dinner. It was so cute!!

...for my birthday (and my new PJs for the Cure!)
 We had my birthday party at King's Pizza! The cheesiest pizza EVER! YUM!


  1. Oh, man...that post was BEAUTIFUL! I love all the pics...thanks for sharing :)

    BTW - LOVE "lame and farting" on brothers. HA HA HA HA!

  2. What an awesome post Leigh! I loved all the pictures. Thank you for taking the time to show us all the wonderfulness of your family!