Monday, October 4, 2010

Soccer Parties!

This weekend, we had our soccer parties and Aiden's final game of the season. The Ladybugs have one more make up game this week. But let me tell you, this little guy was really glad that you really get a trophy even though he didn't really play very much. :)

 The Little Rascals were a great team! They were so cute!!
 Right after the Little Rascals party was the Ladybugs party. Let me tell you... these two really know how to dominate on the soccer field. Those two and Natalie were really our power players!! And cuties too!!
 Aiden liked this basketball game. :)
 Emma loves Deal or No Deal and always gets a huge amount of tickets from that!
 Emma and Savvy!
 The Ladybugs were EXCITED to get their trophies!

 And the team even went together and got Matt and Visa gift card. They are so sweet!!
And I got this cute picture off of Natalie's mom's facebook page. It was so cute, I just couldn't not have it on here!!

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