Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diabetes MeMe

I copied this from Ms. Hallie over at The Princess and the Pump and I wasn't technically tagged, but I'm sure she won't care! ;)

What type of diabetes do you have:

Because we stick to the same diet and lifestyle as Aiden, it does feel like we have it too, but Aiden has Type 1.

When were you diagnosed?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's your current blood sugar:

Aiden's was 104 this morning. I am good with that. :)

What kind of meter do you use:

One Touch Ultra Mini (blue). We like it. Emma even snagged a pink one at the ADA walk. :) Aiden liked the blue one because Oliver on Hannah Montana had the same one. :)

How many times per day do you check your blood sugar:

We have been checking between 6 and 8 lately. He has been kind of lower during the night and we aren't taking any chances.

What is a "HIGH" number for you:

I would say that Matt and I freak out slightly at anything over 200, but his high has been 357 and he was 489 at diagnosis. But we haven't been correcting unless it was over 275. He seems to bottom out if we give him humalog for anything less than that.

What do you consider "LOW":

His low number that we have seen is 57, but he tends to be in the low 60's frequently after Open Gym (his new FAVORITE activity). But at bed time and overnight, we will give him apple juice for anything less than about 115.

What is your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater:

4oz apple juice boxes. The one with Big Bird is the favorite, but we did find some little bottles with a Bob the Builder lid and those were pretty popular too.

Describe your dream endo:

Dr. Maass pretty much fits the bill. First of all, the Saturday after we got out of the hospital, the JDRF was having a family camp that we went to. He was there and just made an appointment with us on the spot. No receptionist or scheduler, he just said "How about Tuesday at 3:30? And plan to be here for a little while so we can get all your questions answered." Wow!! And he gave us his cell, and home phone numbers and his email (which he promptly repsonds to!!)In the Hospital, we had a different Dr. A Harvard grad, living with Type 1. He was really good too and we are forever grateful to him. He got us established on a very strict diet and I feel like that has really helped too. He was just very busy and hard to get into and we feel good about Aiden growing up with Dr. Maass and being able to relate to him more easily. Plus, he is super fun! :) I can't leave out our regular Pediatrician, Dr. Lovell. We just LOVE him and his nurse, Keri! He was the one who diagnosed him and he prayed with us before Aiden was admitted. He was also awesome to come by everyday and make sure to "dumb down" anything we had heard from our Endo so we could understand it and make sense of everything those first few crazy days. (Also, when Aiden was 7 weeks and was admitted (to the same hospital room!!) with RSV, he prayed with us then too. We love that guy!!)

Who's on your support team:
We have our little family: me, Matt, Emma, and Aiden.
Our parents: My mom keeps Aiden often, is a nurse and has just been awesome not having to worry about his daily care when he is with her during the days she keeps him. She also was persistent in taking in his urnine sample and making sure we followed up with Dr. Lovell the next day. I could not survive a week with out her and believe me... she was on vacation last week and I am pretty sure we would not have made it another second without her!!! Not only does she help a ton with all D-related stuff, she does tons of laundry, cleaning and ALL of the ironing! God Bless her!!

My Dad has Type 2 and has been very good support! And Bev, oh Bev!! My step-mom is a pediatric nurse and always steps in to help us during all of our ailments. We have called her at all hours with everything from rashes to constipation and she always comes through. This time was no different. When we found out, she hopped a plane (or 6) was here to stay with us in the hospital. It was a huge relief just having someone who has worked with kids with diabetes, and it just took a load off of our minds knowing she was there. She has also be a big help in coming up with a good meal plan for our family.
Matt's parents were completely new to all of this too and they are working really hard to get it all learned just like we are. Plus they were tons of help in the hospital making sure Emma was entertained and staying with Aiden when we had to leave (Emma's first day of Kindergarten and my cousin's funeral).

Terry and Christy have been a great help too. They came every day in the hospital! It was so nice to have that to look forward to! They were lots of entertainment for Emma. Aunt Brandy was too!!

Then, I'll add the Dr.'s and nurse listed above.

Fianlly, Brian Doss and our local JDRF. Brian came to visit us in the hospital and has been nothing but helpful! He always has good advice and lots of support for us!

What is a "cure" to you:

I am just copying this from Hallie: "but a REAL cure is a working pancreas. No more pumps or injected insulin. It's the body working the way the body should. With no side effects."

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes is:

Aiden can't have sugar. We are kind of new to this one, so I don't have a lot of examples.

The most common misconception about diabetes:

That Aiden can't have sugar. And even though I said this at the beginning, that it is controllable. There is such a difference between controllable and manageable. I can try to manage it, but it is so crazy and just does what it wants whenever it wants. It is just NOT controllable.

If you could say one thing to your pancreas, what would it be:

Please start working again. Not just a little here and there, that just makes it all crazy and even harder on us. (Honeymoon, I don't think so!!)  But just all the time start working. Thank you!! :)

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  1. Welcome to the DOC! My 4 year old son was diagnosed on 8/31/ we are very new to this as well. I have found so much comfort through blogging and "met" some amazing mamas. :)