Monday, September 6, 2010


We thought we would make a quick trip to Branson for some much needed down time this weekend. It started out being pretty stressful, but we still got to have some fun. Let me just vent a little bit. First of all, it was a really hard week... in a horrible month... of the worst year of my life. I screwed up at work, at home, and even twice at being a soccer mom. It was terrible! I even forgot that it was our snack night at Emma's soccer game. What a loser. This was immediately after I sat at the Dr.s office trying to teach Aiden how not to "rule the roost" while he balled at the door for at least 30 minutes, which was after I had some things that got messed up at work, which was after our diet and medication got COMPLETELY changed...again...and Aiden had had low blood sugars for several days (which our other Dr. said would lead to loss in IQ points. Sweet.) So then at SDC he was VERY low and that was kind of scary. It was just all too much. But... on to brighter things. Aiden and Emma got to do a fishing game and we "got" to take home a couple of "cute" ducks. Yay!

We got to ride the Frogs.

They had fun with the silly mirrors.

Emma got to try some pork rinds.

And Aiden started feeling much better. SDC chicken tenders must be like spinach, because I told my mom that after eating them it was almost like Popeye. He just immediately got more energy and felt so much better! ;)

He felt so good that he stood and played with these cars for like 30 minutes (cutting into my already short Gymboree time).

But I did get to go to the Disney Store, I got started on some birthday party planning and I got to shop at Gymboree so I guess it was ok. :)

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