Monday, September 6, 2010

re-cap from iphone

About a month ago... waiting for our tires to get fixed. ;)
Having some fun with cones.

Nana ordered them the Live Butterfly Garden, which in our case turned out to be the DEAD Butterfly Cemetary. NONE of them lived. Not one single one! We receive batch number 2 mid-September.
The night before Kindergarten... outside good ol' room 2211. Not quite what we had planned when we thought about the night before the big day. However, it will make for an interesting story someday, I guess. :)
More night before Kindergarten shots... Our first night at the hospital.
This was the day we got discharged. Terry, Christy and Emma in our "secret hiding spot" in the hospital. :)
Before we left, we had to say bye to some of our nurses. Nurse Sarah and Nurse Kathy.
Fighting over the elevator button one last time. ;)
Aiden was a pro at the elevator.
Swimming at the JDRF Family Camp at Camp War Eagle.
This weekend at our first Razorback game of the season!!

This morning, Emma wanted to ride the ponies at the Clothesline Fair.
And Aiden got a Sugar Free Snow Cone! ;)

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  1. Hey girl! I meant to post about what dance class we were in but I don't have your email anymore! So, i hate posting what time and when we will be email me and I will tell you our dance class! :) Carlee and soccer is a mess! We were supposed to have a game tonight but since its raining we won't (darn!:) So sorry to hear about Aidens diabetes! No fun! We will be praying for you guys!