Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gymnastics and Dance and ER visit

Fall is upon us and it was time to start back to dance. Emma and Ella decided that they wanted to do gymnastics together so we get to see them every Monday now! YAY!! We were really missing them! Emma's eyes look kind of weird in this picture, but she really enjoyed herself. :)
Ella really rocked at handstands! And everything. :)
The next night we hit the dance floor. Emma was so glad to be back at Ms. Julie's. :)

Step...step... leap.
Someone else liked dance too. Ha!! Notice the shoes. ;)
It was nice to have a semi-normal week. Especially after last Monday night. I just want to record it for our memory...not that we could ever forget.
But on Labor day, we went to bed just slightly later than usual and a little while later (10:30 ish) Emma sat up in bed and kind of coughed, then threw up everywhere! I picked her up ad sat her on the floor to walk to the bathroom and she just fell flat on her face on the floor. So I picked her back up and carried her to the bathroom and kind of held her up by the toilet. I was talking to her saying "Emma...Emma, are you ok? Can you talk to me? Do you know who I am? Emma...Emma!" But she wouldn't respond to me. She just kind of had a far off gaze and wouldn't talk. Matt picked her up and brought her to the kitchen to try to wake her up and give her something to drink. He sat her on the counter and once she said Momma, but then she just peed right on the counter. Obviously, this was NOT normal for her and we just loaded up everyone and our "blue backpack" and headed to the ER. The whole time, I was trying to keep her eyes open and just kept talking to her. It was so scary. I was just tickling her and singing Jesus Loves Me and clapping to keep her awake. I am pretty sure Matt broke every law possible on the way there. I know the speed limit and I am pretty sure he passed in the turn lane. Anyway, we made it to the hospital and she was still out of it while we were in triage, but they got us right back. She came to right about the time they were going to draw her blood. Then she was REALLY awake and yelling "I hate this place! I want to go home!!" We spent a long time after that trying to get a urine sample as I was pretty sure it was Ketoacidosis. But her blood sugar was great and all of the blood work came back fine. She was still very tired and we kept trying to keep her up to get her to go potty. But the Dr. felt like everything looked ok so we were loading up to go home and I was holding Emma and she. puked. everywhere. After that, she was a different girl. She was playing and laughing and walking around everywhere. I got a scrub top out of the deal, so that was good. ;) So then they got her some zofran for nausea and sent us home. We followed up with Dr. Lovell the next day and our final diagnosis was a stomach virus and either just being really, really tired or some kind of harmless seizure. We kept her home about a day and a half and she has been fine ever since. We were sooooo very thankful. We felt bad that we had ALL the grandparents (even via cell phone and text message) and also Kaylee and Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy up all night just for a stomach virus, but we were so thankful for all of them. How blessed we are and we know it!!

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