Thursday, September 16, 2010

Go Little Rascals!!

Goooo Little Rascals! They are so cute and they all play so well (except the coach's kid who won't go on the field at all!! aka...Aiden)
Here's Aiden playing defense... oh and offense. Gooo Aiden! Toot! Yay, Coach Daddy!!
I don't have as many of Aiden because the "Little Rascal" wouldn't go on the field!! :(

Gooooo Ladybugs!

Some serious talks before the game. Ha! :)
Rockin' the polka dot socks!
Slightly more of a go getter than last year.
She's even scored some goals!!
I am pretty sure its the socks! ;)

Go Hogs... from the Rock

Last weekend we got to go to the Razorback football game in Little Rock. We had so much fun with the McConnells! It was really hot at the game, but fun! I will say that I really like my seat backs and our stadium in Fayetteville. The tailgating was fun, but I am pretty sure I would vote for all home games to be in Fayetteville. ;) Although, it was a fun ride to Little Rock and the Embassy Suites with some great family made it all worth it. ;)
I think I am going to make a collage of all of the pictures I have like this. :) It is his normal pose when I pull out the camera! :) Tailgating, diabetic style. Maggie and I really wanted to head over to the group next to us with their cheesecake, cup cakes, and Popeyes biscuits! ;) Not really! Well, maybe a little.

Awwww! How cute are they?

Sunday, Maggie, Emma and Terry were all sporting their Har Ber clothes. ;)

Gymnastics and Dance and ER visit

Fall is upon us and it was time to start back to dance. Emma and Ella decided that they wanted to do gymnastics together so we get to see them every Monday now! YAY!! We were really missing them! Emma's eyes look kind of weird in this picture, but she really enjoyed herself. :)
Ella really rocked at handstands! And everything. :)
The next night we hit the dance floor. Emma was so glad to be back at Ms. Julie's. :)

Step...step... leap.
Someone else liked dance too. Ha!! Notice the shoes. ;)
It was nice to have a semi-normal week. Especially after last Monday night. I just want to record it for our memory...not that we could ever forget.
But on Labor day, we went to bed just slightly later than usual and a little while later (10:30 ish) Emma sat up in bed and kind of coughed, then threw up everywhere! I picked her up ad sat her on the floor to walk to the bathroom and she just fell flat on her face on the floor. So I picked her back up and carried her to the bathroom and kind of held her up by the toilet. I was talking to her saying "Emma...Emma, are you ok? Can you talk to me? Do you know who I am? Emma...Emma!" But she wouldn't respond to me. She just kind of had a far off gaze and wouldn't talk. Matt picked her up and brought her to the kitchen to try to wake her up and give her something to drink. He sat her on the counter and once she said Momma, but then she just peed right on the counter. Obviously, this was NOT normal for her and we just loaded up everyone and our "blue backpack" and headed to the ER. The whole time, I was trying to keep her eyes open and just kept talking to her. It was so scary. I was just tickling her and singing Jesus Loves Me and clapping to keep her awake. I am pretty sure Matt broke every law possible on the way there. I know the speed limit and I am pretty sure he passed in the turn lane. Anyway, we made it to the hospital and she was still out of it while we were in triage, but they got us right back. She came to right about the time they were going to draw her blood. Then she was REALLY awake and yelling "I hate this place! I want to go home!!" We spent a long time after that trying to get a urine sample as I was pretty sure it was Ketoacidosis. But her blood sugar was great and all of the blood work came back fine. She was still very tired and we kept trying to keep her up to get her to go potty. But the Dr. felt like everything looked ok so we were loading up to go home and I was holding Emma and she. puked. everywhere. After that, she was a different girl. She was playing and laughing and walking around everywhere. I got a scrub top out of the deal, so that was good. ;) So then they got her some zofran for nausea and sent us home. We followed up with Dr. Lovell the next day and our final diagnosis was a stomach virus and either just being really, really tired or some kind of harmless seizure. We kept her home about a day and a half and she has been fine ever since. We were sooooo very thankful. We felt bad that we had ALL the grandparents (even via cell phone and text message) and also Kaylee and Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy up all night just for a stomach virus, but we were so thankful for all of them. How blessed we are and we know it!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

re-cap from iphone

About a month ago... waiting for our tires to get fixed. ;)
Having some fun with cones.

Nana ordered them the Live Butterfly Garden, which in our case turned out to be the DEAD Butterfly Cemetary. NONE of them lived. Not one single one! We receive batch number 2 mid-September.
The night before Kindergarten... outside good ol' room 2211. Not quite what we had planned when we thought about the night before the big day. However, it will make for an interesting story someday, I guess. :)
More night before Kindergarten shots... Our first night at the hospital.
This was the day we got discharged. Terry, Christy and Emma in our "secret hiding spot" in the hospital. :)
Before we left, we had to say bye to some of our nurses. Nurse Sarah and Nurse Kathy.
Fighting over the elevator button one last time. ;)
Aiden was a pro at the elevator.
Swimming at the JDRF Family Camp at Camp War Eagle.
This weekend at our first Razorback game of the season!!

This morning, Emma wanted to ride the ponies at the Clothesline Fair.
And Aiden got a Sugar Free Snow Cone! ;)


We thought we would make a quick trip to Branson for some much needed down time this weekend. It started out being pretty stressful, but we still got to have some fun. Let me just vent a little bit. First of all, it was a really hard week... in a horrible month... of the worst year of my life. I screwed up at work, at home, and even twice at being a soccer mom. It was terrible! I even forgot that it was our snack night at Emma's soccer game. What a loser. This was immediately after I sat at the Dr.s office trying to teach Aiden how not to "rule the roost" while he balled at the door for at least 30 minutes, which was after I had some things that got messed up at work, which was after our diet and medication got COMPLETELY changed...again...and Aiden had had low blood sugars for several days (which our other Dr. said would lead to loss in IQ points. Sweet.) So then at SDC he was VERY low and that was kind of scary. It was just all too much. But... on to brighter things. Aiden and Emma got to do a fishing game and we "got" to take home a couple of "cute" ducks. Yay!

We got to ride the Frogs.

They had fun with the silly mirrors.

Emma got to try some pork rinds.

And Aiden started feeling much better. SDC chicken tenders must be like spinach, because I told my mom that after eating them it was almost like Popeye. He just immediately got more energy and felt so much better! ;)

He felt so good that he stood and played with these cars for like 30 minutes (cutting into my already short Gymboree time).

But I did get to go to the Disney Store, I got started on some birthday party planning and I got to shop at Gymboree so I guess it was ok. :)

JDRF Family Camp

After our first soccer games we loaded up what felt like the entire kitchen and headed to Camp War Eagle for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Family Camp. It was really neat. We look forward to being really involved with them.We got to meet our new Endocrinologist. Here he is jumping off a telephone pole. :) He was very nice and he made an appointment with us just right there on the spot to see him the next Tuesday.
Emma and I got to do the ROPES course. Emma was a pro!!

Here she is going down the zip line. She loved it!!
We didn't actually spend the night like everyone else, but we did get a cabin. It was HOT, but it would have been really fun! With that many bunks, we could take the whole family! ;)

While we went to the evening seminar, the kids got to do some arts and crafts.

Everyone there is just like a big family. And most of them already knew us before we even got there as the "new ones with the 3 1/2 year old." But it was very reassuring to see so many (very active) kids and families who are the same as us. In the pool, we noticed a lot of pump sites with covers on them and all over moms were talking about their kids either being "high" or "low". Very familiar words and kind of weirdly comforting.