Sunday, August 8, 2010

SoCal - Part One

Just a warning... there are about a million pictures... so just beware. :)
Our flight didn't end up boarding until about 10:10 Monday night! UGH! And then we sat there FOREVER in the HOT and AIRLESS plane (behind sweaty and stinky people with a baby that cried 75% of the way to California!) So... needless to say, when we arrived at the less than 5 star Ocean View Hotel in Santa Monica at 2:30 Tuesday morning, we were thrilled! When we officially got around for the day on Tuesday, we headed to the beach and immediately started working on our sand castle.
Emma was so proud!
Footprints. :)

Finishing touches...
I loved the colorful lifeguard shacks.

Aiden had fun digging a big hole.
Emma did NOT like the salt water! Ha!

Aiden made sure to stay further back from the water.
Working on digging the hole together. :) Then Emma decided to make some sand angels. Not the smartest move she ever made. Because next we had to strip her down to get the sand out of her bottom! Ha!

After we had all the fun we wanted at the beach in Santa Monica, we headed up the coast to Mailbu. Malibu = fail! Big time!! First, Bev paid $12 to park and then there was just nothing to it. Just a beach and it was a dirty beach at that! So we must have missed the good part of Malibu because it wasn't the Malibu Tidepools! :( However, this was a pretty little view there and there were some interesting lizards.

And this little cutie made it look pretty good!
But Pinks of Hollywood made up for it! It was delicious!
Here was my BACON CHILI DOG! And Matt's regular chili dog! Seriously! It was really good and you can see I had them leave the tomatoes on it because you know that makes it healthier! Ha!
Next we drove up the crooked Hollywood Hills to get this picture and by now the kids were done! NO MORE pictures!!
And this was the one famous person we saw the whole time we were there and we didn't even know who it was! Apparently it was Bob Blumer from Food Network's Glutton for Punishment. Oops! Poor guy, he is probably in therapy because we didn't recognize him!
We thought we would surely see more famous people here, but it was CRAZY. Bev and the kids and I finally gave up and went into a frozen yogurt / cupcake place and Matt eventually gave up too.

My most favorite thing of the whole trip was the Santa Monica Farmer's Market! It was so neat and I swear it was the best fruit I have EVER tasted! It was the best! Matt also found some pecans! His favorite. :)

Aiden wanted a "cinnamon toast roll" Ha!
It was just so pretty!
Santa Monica was a pretty neat town. :)

As if we hadn't eaten enough on the trip... Next we went to the Santa Monica pier to Matt's all time favorite place, Bubba Gumps! And here is a picture that proves Aiden eats something besides chocolate! Yay!!

Our little Ocean View Hotel... Hahahahaha! We decided it had lots of character! ;)
Next we followed American Jill (aka the GPS) to Rodeo Drive and Beverly... Hills that is!!

I got to do some shopping in the only store in Beverly Hills that I would really feel at home in... Gymboree!! And I got Emma a dress for $6.99! They even have sales!! Who knew!! And then we got to go to the original Cheesecake Factory! Yum!!!
Bev's was really good too!
Poor Dad! He had to get the low sugar version! :( I'm sure it was just as good as my Red Velvet one! ;) (HAHAHAHAHA)

After Beverly Hills, it was off to Disneyland!! :)

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