Sunday, August 8, 2010

SoCal 2010 - Part Two

So part two of our vacation started off right! Dinner at Goofy's Kitchen (much like Chef Mickey's). It was really good, but kind of late and HOT in the room we were in!
Our first character was Jasmine. Emma got a kick out it because she asked her how long our carpet ride was to get there! :)
Chip and Dale were soooo silly!! ;)
All of the sweating during dinner was worth this moment! We love Aurora!
Next up was the big trip to Build a Bear in Downtown Disney. It did not disappoint. It was TWO stories!! We had been talking about this for days! Here are Woody and Aurora. And as usual I got all teared up during the little heart ceremony! Seriously, it gets me everytime!
The next morning, we got up bright and early (well kind of early) and headed to Disneyland. I really do love it, but I have to say... I don't get all choked up at the castle like I do at Disney World. It is soooo tiny!! But magical nonetheless. ;)
First thing we split up and the boys went to the Astro Orbiter while Emma and I went to Pixie Hollow.
We got to see Rosetta (my favorite because she is so cute and southern).
And Tinker Belle of course. :)
Then we met up and made our way through Fantasy Land.

Back to Toon Town. The houses are the kids' favorite thing!
We got to see Minnie at her house, but she had to take a break for cheesecake. Ha!
Then we got to go to the Princess Faire. At this point, Matt was getting on to me for only planning girl things. Ha!
Emma was so excited to get her picture with Sleeping Beauty for Nana!
And Cinderella!! She said, "Mommy, I raised my dress like her."
So... next we headed to Frontier Land and saw Woody and Jessie.
In Adventure Land we went through Tarzan's Tree House. It was packed, but fun!
While we were waiting for the parade, this group came in front of us. Nana Barb would have just LOVED IT!!!
The parade was awesome!
They waited so patiently!
But had much more fun when it got there.

After the parade, we headed across the way to Disney's California Adventure. It was soooo busy!

We didn't get to do a whole lot there because it was so busy so we grabbed some supper at Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney and just came back for World of Color. It was really neat! I couldn't get a really great picture of it. But it was good.
The next day we went back to Downtown Disney to do our shopping at World of Disney. YAY for Disney Reward Dollars!!
Emma got to get Mickey earrings! She was super excited about that!
Doing some posing. Lots and lots of posing.
Then, at last... the moment we had all been waiting for... In-n-Out Burger!! YUM!!

I love that they have this on the bottom of their cups! ;)
Well, we had a GREAT vacation! We are so thankful to Grandpa and Granny Bev for such a fun time! We are going to be so glad to have you back in Arkansas, but we are going to miss us some In-N-Out, but it will be worth it! Thank you!!

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  1. Love the earrings...Emma will have to show Laci. Glad you guys had a good time. See you soon!