Monday, August 30, 2010

Pre Kindergarten Pampering

The week before Emma and the cousins started school, Nanny and Papa took them to the Gentry Zoo (Aiden says Joo). Papa rarely makes the blog, probably because he hides when I take out my camera! Thanks to Nanny for taking some pictures!
Aiden the monkey!
This is what Emma wants for Christmas: a baby goat! I don't think Santa makes those. ;)

Emma's last day at Coleman! It has been a good 3 years! We have been very thankful for (most of) her teachers!! ;)
Ms. Nadja and Miss Carlita. Emma will really miss them!
On the Saturday before school started we had a Girls Night with the BFFs: Ella, Madi and Laci! We took them to a new salon for little girls called Glitterbox. It was soooooo cute! I would highly recommend it to anyone! Emma and Ella did their manicures while Madi and Laci got their pedicures. :)

The drying table. They had such cute little snacks!
These 4 girls are definitely princesses!
Oh goodness, Emma is already thinking... "Mo--om, enough with the pictures!"
Then we got to go to Olive Garden for an early dinner. It was really fun, but we missed Madi and Sheri there.

Monday night was the Turnbow Ice Cream Social and we got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Fulghum. She is very sweet and Emma loves being right across the hall from Mrs. Kasey (cousin) and Mrs. Anderson (aunt and mom to Chloe with whom Emma loves to play Barbies). She found her desk and was very excited!

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