Sunday, August 8, 2010

McConnell Family Reunion 2010

Last weekend was our annual McConnell Family Reunion. It was pretty different and we missed Aunt Shannon and the boys and Erin and her brothers too. :) Emma really missed her other "sister". We started it off right with sweets, of course!
Aiden and Emma love to get ALL the games out!
Matt posing for Shannon with the Shrimp Dip and "foldover"chip. They have to fight over those!

Aunt Becky got lots of baby Yunice time.
Maggie got to drive the Range Rover to go get AQ. ;)
Emma with all of the "prizes" for bingo.
We had to play some Twister
The next day, we headed out to the lake house and Emma and Yunice got to cuddle. ;)Aiden decided he wanted to tube. ;)YAY!!
They had a blast!
Emma finally got Aiden off the tube so she could go fast and go over the waves. She loves that! Then she got to tube with Maggie.
It was a really fun weekend! Can't wai until next year!!

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