Monday, August 30, 2010

I don't even know what to call this post.

So this was supposed to be a post all about Emma's first day of school and even all the fun activities that we did on the day before school started. But on Wednesday, after a good / bad dentist appointment for Aiden (good in that he went back to do his x-rays for the first time ever, bad because they were able to tell that he had a mouth full of cavities!! really bad!!) anyway, after that, we ran by work so the kids could play with Lola and Leo, then we went home. Then I decided to call Nurse Keri to tell her about the FREQUENT urination that Aiden was doing. I prefaced the call by saying "I am so sorry to bother you and I know I am just being a hypochondriac." (If only...) And to let her know that mom had taken a urine sample into her clinic which showed sugar in the urine. Being naive and totally uneducated at the time, I thought it was just because the food he had the previous day consisted of pancakes with syrup, ice cream and a slush, so I wasn't too worried. But nonetheless, Dr. Lovell fit us in and we were SHOCKED to learn that Aiden has Type 1 Diabetes. The meter they had in the office just read HHH, but a receptionist let us use hers and his BG was 489 at that point and he was positive for ketones. After a prayer, Dr. Lovell admitted us to the hospital that night. As in, the night before Emma starts Kindergarten. After we finally got beds, Aiden got his IV (for fluids to flush out the ketones) and we got in bed, it was about 10:45. As in, 2 hours and 45 minutes past the time I thought we would be getting in bed on the NIGHT BEFORE KINDERGARTEN! But that was the least of my worries. The night was full of blood sugar tests, insulin shots, etc. It was not fun. The next morning, mom and Nanny stayed with Aiden so that we could take Emma to her first day. Even though we had to take the pictures outside the hospital instead of our house, Emma was still quite the model.
And of course she got prizes from Nana. :)

When we got there, we ran into Brandon.
She found her classroom and her desk and we took off. No tears even!! (Well no tears about school) :)
Matt and I both got to pick her up too while Nanny and Nana stayed with Aiden.
They really missed each other! They were so glad to play together when we got back!
We had lots of visitors!
And they brought lots of prizes! More than one nurse commented about how it was like Christmas in our room!

His Hemglobin A1C was 10.0 in the hospital which means that over the last several months his blood sugars averages 241. So the "normal " test (104) that we did with Grandpa's meter while on vacation a few weeks prior must have just been a moment that it happened to be down.

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