Monday, August 30, 2010

Hospital Stay

So on Wednesday 8/18, Aiden was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. And so began our 8 day stay in the hospital. Good ol' room 2211. I called it "home" a couple of times.

The whole time we were there and even now, you really can't tell that there is anything wrong with him. He acts perfectly normal all the time. Now looking back, I can see some of the things that we were thinking were the "terrible threes" were actually highs and lows that he was having, but besides that he just played and ran around like normal.

He got pretty good at being a Lefty. But as soon as he got his IV out, he was right back to being a Righty.

How cute is this little guy with his meter. I am pretty sure One Touch would probably want to use this for an advertisement. :)

Can you tell that we were blessed with LOTS of visitors. This was a particularly roudy day that they were really entertaining themselves with latex balloons that had stopped floating (i.e. notice Emma's chest! Ha!!)

More visitors the same day. We were slightly more calm with the Vanovers than the Reynolds. :)

Aiden beat Matt in thumb wars a couple of times. ;) Now when we pick his finger for checking his blood sugar (i.e. blood "shooker") he says 1-2-3-4-lets...pick this one. It is pretty cute.

We were so thankful the Luninghams came to visit. Ella was really worried about Rylan pulling an alarm. But he didn't so all was well!

One night, after much coaxing, Aiden ate 1 piece of corn. This is HUGE!! We had to rush out and tell Mr. Cliff (our favorite NW Health Peds nurse).

Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy came to visit every day too! ;) That was such a treat!

Mason (one of Aiden's bff's) came to visit a couple of times. They had lots of fun.
Playing with cars, motorcycles, and hide and seek.

After even more coaxing than it took for Aiden to eat the corn, Emma did some "homework".
We got a visit from Brian and Megan Doss from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). They were so nice and left this "backpack of hope" for us. It was really neat. We hope to be really involved with the JDRF.

Our favorite nurse (in the hospital who wasn't related to us or a family friend) Mr. Cliff. He was going home and wouldn't be back for 8 days so we wouldn't see him again while we were there. He was just great!!

Aiden got lots of exercise chasing his little remote control car.

He had lots of activities.

Miss Carlita and Miss Anna visited from school. I think Aiden wished it was Ms. Marty. ;) Emma would have been excited though.
Yay!! Granny Bev arrived and Lindsey and Yunice visited.
One of Aiden's favorite new activites was playing with tape! He taped everything!!

Oh goodness, Matt made Granny Bev stay in the hospital with us. ;) She read to them about Rufus, the bear who has diabetes.
On our last day there, Nana had some exciting news. One of the chickens (Heart, Heart, or Lipstick) laid an egg!! So exciting!!

Wednesday, August 25 we got to go home from the hospital after he had a full day of pretty good blood sugars. YAY!!!

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