Monday, August 30, 2010

Hospital Stay

So on Wednesday 8/18, Aiden was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. And so began our 8 day stay in the hospital. Good ol' room 2211. I called it "home" a couple of times.

The whole time we were there and even now, you really can't tell that there is anything wrong with him. He acts perfectly normal all the time. Now looking back, I can see some of the things that we were thinking were the "terrible threes" were actually highs and lows that he was having, but besides that he just played and ran around like normal.

He got pretty good at being a Lefty. But as soon as he got his IV out, he was right back to being a Righty.

How cute is this little guy with his meter. I am pretty sure One Touch would probably want to use this for an advertisement. :)

Can you tell that we were blessed with LOTS of visitors. This was a particularly roudy day that they were really entertaining themselves with latex balloons that had stopped floating (i.e. notice Emma's chest! Ha!!)

More visitors the same day. We were slightly more calm with the Vanovers than the Reynolds. :)

Aiden beat Matt in thumb wars a couple of times. ;) Now when we pick his finger for checking his blood sugar (i.e. blood "shooker") he says 1-2-3-4-lets...pick this one. It is pretty cute.

We were so thankful the Luninghams came to visit. Ella was really worried about Rylan pulling an alarm. But he didn't so all was well!

One night, after much coaxing, Aiden ate 1 piece of corn. This is HUGE!! We had to rush out and tell Mr. Cliff (our favorite NW Health Peds nurse).

Uncle Terry and Aunt Christy came to visit every day too! ;) That was such a treat!

Mason (one of Aiden's bff's) came to visit a couple of times. They had lots of fun.
Playing with cars, motorcycles, and hide and seek.

After even more coaxing than it took for Aiden to eat the corn, Emma did some "homework".
We got a visit from Brian and Megan Doss from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). They were so nice and left this "backpack of hope" for us. It was really neat. We hope to be really involved with the JDRF.

Our favorite nurse (in the hospital who wasn't related to us or a family friend) Mr. Cliff. He was going home and wouldn't be back for 8 days so we wouldn't see him again while we were there. He was just great!!

Aiden got lots of exercise chasing his little remote control car.

He had lots of activities.

Miss Carlita and Miss Anna visited from school. I think Aiden wished it was Ms. Marty. ;) Emma would have been excited though.
Yay!! Granny Bev arrived and Lindsey and Yunice visited.
One of Aiden's favorite new activites was playing with tape! He taped everything!!

Oh goodness, Matt made Granny Bev stay in the hospital with us. ;) She read to them about Rufus, the bear who has diabetes.
On our last day there, Nana had some exciting news. One of the chickens (Heart, Heart, or Lipstick) laid an egg!! So exciting!!

Wednesday, August 25 we got to go home from the hospital after he had a full day of pretty good blood sugars. YAY!!!

I don't even know what to call this post.

So this was supposed to be a post all about Emma's first day of school and even all the fun activities that we did on the day before school started. But on Wednesday, after a good / bad dentist appointment for Aiden (good in that he went back to do his x-rays for the first time ever, bad because they were able to tell that he had a mouth full of cavities!! really bad!!) anyway, after that, we ran by work so the kids could play with Lola and Leo, then we went home. Then I decided to call Nurse Keri to tell her about the FREQUENT urination that Aiden was doing. I prefaced the call by saying "I am so sorry to bother you and I know I am just being a hypochondriac." (If only...) And to let her know that mom had taken a urine sample into her clinic which showed sugar in the urine. Being naive and totally uneducated at the time, I thought it was just because the food he had the previous day consisted of pancakes with syrup, ice cream and a slush, so I wasn't too worried. But nonetheless, Dr. Lovell fit us in and we were SHOCKED to learn that Aiden has Type 1 Diabetes. The meter they had in the office just read HHH, but a receptionist let us use hers and his BG was 489 at that point and he was positive for ketones. After a prayer, Dr. Lovell admitted us to the hospital that night. As in, the night before Emma starts Kindergarten. After we finally got beds, Aiden got his IV (for fluids to flush out the ketones) and we got in bed, it was about 10:45. As in, 2 hours and 45 minutes past the time I thought we would be getting in bed on the NIGHT BEFORE KINDERGARTEN! But that was the least of my worries. The night was full of blood sugar tests, insulin shots, etc. It was not fun. The next morning, mom and Nanny stayed with Aiden so that we could take Emma to her first day. Even though we had to take the pictures outside the hospital instead of our house, Emma was still quite the model.
And of course she got prizes from Nana. :)

When we got there, we ran into Brandon.
She found her classroom and her desk and we took off. No tears even!! (Well no tears about school) :)
Matt and I both got to pick her up too while Nanny and Nana stayed with Aiden.
They really missed each other! They were so glad to play together when we got back!
We had lots of visitors!
And they brought lots of prizes! More than one nurse commented about how it was like Christmas in our room!

His Hemglobin A1C was 10.0 in the hospital which means that over the last several months his blood sugars averages 241. So the "normal " test (104) that we did with Grandpa's meter while on vacation a few weeks prior must have just been a moment that it happened to be down.

Pre Kindergarten Pampering

The week before Emma and the cousins started school, Nanny and Papa took them to the Gentry Zoo (Aiden says Joo). Papa rarely makes the blog, probably because he hides when I take out my camera! Thanks to Nanny for taking some pictures!
Aiden the monkey!
This is what Emma wants for Christmas: a baby goat! I don't think Santa makes those. ;)

Emma's last day at Coleman! It has been a good 3 years! We have been very thankful for (most of) her teachers!! ;)
Ms. Nadja and Miss Carlita. Emma will really miss them!
On the Saturday before school started we had a Girls Night with the BFFs: Ella, Madi and Laci! We took them to a new salon for little girls called Glitterbox. It was soooooo cute! I would highly recommend it to anyone! Emma and Ella did their manicures while Madi and Laci got their pedicures. :)

The drying table. They had such cute little snacks!
These 4 girls are definitely princesses!
Oh goodness, Emma is already thinking... "Mo--om, enough with the pictures!"
Then we got to go to Olive Garden for an early dinner. It was really fun, but we missed Madi and Sheri there.

Monday night was the Turnbow Ice Cream Social and we got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Fulghum. She is very sweet and Emma loves being right across the hall from Mrs. Kasey (cousin) and Mrs. Anderson (aunt and mom to Chloe with whom Emma loves to play Barbies). She found her desk and was very excited!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

More details of Dx-Day

You may have heard... On August 18, Aiden was diagnosed with type one diabetes. So here is how or day of diagnosis went down. It was a Wednesday, and I was off because it was the last day before Emma started Kindergarten on Thursday. We had a big day planned with lots of fun activities. We wanted to practice waking up and getting to school on time then we were going to celebrate with a trip to the donut store. Luckily, we decided that Chick-Fil-A would be a much better choice than Rick's so we went there. We were able to get in at the dentist as Aiden was complaining about his yucky tooth. There, he was a rock star! Since Daddy was there, he did awesome! He went back to get his x-rays for the very first time. Unfortunately, that was where the good news ended. Inspection of the x-rays revealed 14, yes FOURTEEN, cavities and his yucky tooth was absessed. So of course I am calling Mom and Bev to comiserate about this horrible turn of events. And here was a quote from Bev... "Well at least your day can't get any worse!" Oh, Lordy how we were wrong. But anyway, we headed home but first stopped at Neighborhood Market for some healthy foods in our attempt to have better teeth and fewer cavities. At home, I decided I would just go ahead and call Nurse Keri. I said "Ok, so I know I am just being a hypochondriac for Aiden, calling about all of these random things...hahaha... I guess we just miss seeing you...hahahaha!" and proceeded to tell her about his frequent urination and drinking and also that my mom had taken a urine sample from Aiden to her clinic which was positive for sugar. She said, why don't we come on in just to check it, but surely it was nothing to worry about. She fit us in at 3:40 and after Aiden finally was able to pee in the cup, Dr. Lovell was going over the cavity issue with us while we waited for the results. The Keri brought the results in and he told us "Wow, usually we can just rule things out, but I am afraid he does have diabetes and we will need to admit you tonight. You will probably be there for 5-7 days." His blood sugar just registered HHH on their meter indicating that it was higher than it read. They did have a receptionist who is diabetic and let us use her meter and found that it measured 489. And his urine was also positive for ketones. Matt and I were in complete shock. But I felt stangely at peace with it and knew it would be ok. So he made some calls and we were admitted at 6:45 that evening. Upon admission, his BG (blood glucose) had gone down to 218. And they gave him some fast acting insulin. They got him set up on an iv of saline to flush out the ketones. And we finally received a bed for Daddy and Emma at about 10:00 (on the night before she started Kindergarten, by the way!) We finally got to sleep at about 11:30.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. ~1Thessalonians 5:18

Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me; still, not my will but yours be done. ~Luke 22:42

Sunday, August 8, 2010

SoCal - Part One

Just a warning... there are about a million pictures... so just beware. :)
Our flight didn't end up boarding until about 10:10 Monday night! UGH! And then we sat there FOREVER in the HOT and AIRLESS plane (behind sweaty and stinky people with a baby that cried 75% of the way to California!) So... needless to say, when we arrived at the less than 5 star Ocean View Hotel in Santa Monica at 2:30 Tuesday morning, we were thrilled! When we officially got around for the day on Tuesday, we headed to the beach and immediately started working on our sand castle.
Emma was so proud!
Footprints. :)

Finishing touches...
I loved the colorful lifeguard shacks.

Aiden had fun digging a big hole.
Emma did NOT like the salt water! Ha!

Aiden made sure to stay further back from the water.
Working on digging the hole together. :) Then Emma decided to make some sand angels. Not the smartest move she ever made. Because next we had to strip her down to get the sand out of her bottom! Ha!

After we had all the fun we wanted at the beach in Santa Monica, we headed up the coast to Mailbu. Malibu = fail! Big time!! First, Bev paid $12 to park and then there was just nothing to it. Just a beach and it was a dirty beach at that! So we must have missed the good part of Malibu because it wasn't the Malibu Tidepools! :( However, this was a pretty little view there and there were some interesting lizards.

And this little cutie made it look pretty good!
But Pinks of Hollywood made up for it! It was delicious!
Here was my BACON CHILI DOG! And Matt's regular chili dog! Seriously! It was really good and you can see I had them leave the tomatoes on it because you know that makes it healthier! Ha!
Next we drove up the crooked Hollywood Hills to get this picture and by now the kids were done! NO MORE pictures!!
And this was the one famous person we saw the whole time we were there and we didn't even know who it was! Apparently it was Bob Blumer from Food Network's Glutton for Punishment. Oops! Poor guy, he is probably in therapy because we didn't recognize him!
We thought we would surely see more famous people here, but it was CRAZY. Bev and the kids and I finally gave up and went into a frozen yogurt / cupcake place and Matt eventually gave up too.

My most favorite thing of the whole trip was the Santa Monica Farmer's Market! It was so neat and I swear it was the best fruit I have EVER tasted! It was the best! Matt also found some pecans! His favorite. :)

Aiden wanted a "cinnamon toast roll" Ha!
It was just so pretty!
Santa Monica was a pretty neat town. :)

As if we hadn't eaten enough on the trip... Next we went to the Santa Monica pier to Matt's all time favorite place, Bubba Gumps! And here is a picture that proves Aiden eats something besides chocolate! Yay!!

Our little Ocean View Hotel... Hahahahaha! We decided it had lots of character! ;)
Next we followed American Jill (aka the GPS) to Rodeo Drive and Beverly... Hills that is!!

I got to do some shopping in the only store in Beverly Hills that I would really feel at home in... Gymboree!! And I got Emma a dress for $6.99! They even have sales!! Who knew!! And then we got to go to the original Cheesecake Factory! Yum!!!
Bev's was really good too!
Poor Dad! He had to get the low sugar version! :( I'm sure it was just as good as my Red Velvet one! ;) (HAHAHAHAHA)

After Beverly Hills, it was off to Disneyland!! :)