Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A few pictures from here and there...

Aiden... bored and hot at t-ball.
Emma posing for some pictures.

Emma, full speed! ;)
Coach Mike telling her to hold up... Behind the fence on the right is our neighbor Ray! We were playing his grandson, Landon. We ♥ Ray and Deby!
After the game we had some ice cream with some friends. Here are Laci, Madi, and "Santa"
Here was the whole group except for Jack. He was probably smart to avoid the evidence of their silliness!! :)

Here was another picture from VBS. Cheese!!

For Christmas last year, Aiden wanted a Spiderman gun. All Santa could find was this web shooter that shoots out silly string "webs". Poor guy has never gotten to play with it until now! He really went to town! There were webs everywhere. :)

This was Emma's entertainment at the Natural's game. Here is her hula girl. Pretty good, I thought!

So cute!! Love these guys so much!
Look at this handsome fellow I got to go to Church with!

Emma and Laci with their twinkies after the last game. Mmmmm! The game got called for lightning after the first inning! :( But is was stinkin' humid so maybe it was a good thing! :)

Aiden trying out the boat at Mema's.
Emma just chillin'.

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  1. Super Cute...I love the new blog background and stuff. Adorable. Have we decided on a date time for the mani/pedi's yet?