Friday, July 30, 2010

Make a Splash!! Summer Reading Party!!

This week, Nana took the kids to the Make a Splash - Summer Reading Party!! They were so excited that they filled their whole summer reading list front and back!! ;) So they got to get a certificate and pick out a book as a prize.

I love how his certificate is upside down. Ha!
Aiden even wanted to go up to Murphy the Duck! That is huge! They also said Strike was there and Aiden wanted to wave at him.
Then, it wouldn't be a trip to the library, without a picture with the "reading kids"! :)


We had our first soccer practices this week. I have to admit... night one was a bit of a disaster. First of all, it was SUPER hot! Then Aiden would NOT go on the field AT ALL. It was so embarassing since Matt was the coach. I think I handled it slightly better than when Emma acted like that her first year since I have seen that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that someday he will get out of his shell and love to play. (Hopefully!!) Then right after Emma's practice started, there was some lightening so we had to cut that short. :(
But the second night was MUCH, MUCH better!! Aiden actually went on the field and with the exception of a little pop up shower at the beginning of Emma's, her's was great too! I think it is a great group of kids! After the little shower, there was a HUGE rainbow in the sky! You can faintly see a second rainbow on top too. Once again... God reminding me of his promises before I get stressed about silly things! ;) Love that!
And we had the cutest little cheerleader! Yunice!

Rodeo Kid's Night

Last night we went to the Kids Night at the Rodeo in Huntsville. It was fun, but sooooo dirty! :(Notice the dollar in her hand...she found it and she said "look Mom, someone littered a dollar!") So they got to decorate cookies.
My friend Melanie was doing face painting.
There was a big Operation game!
And then, there was this little activity... hmmm a dump truck and sleds. Just good ol' redneck fun! Ha!

Then they got to ride some horses! Yee Haw!
Well... we finally got the dirt cleaned off so that was good! ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

End of T-Ball Party!

Last Friday night Matt got us some Naturals tickets. It was really neat to be able to be in a box, but I have to say... it was kind of awkward because there were so many other random people in there. Nice, but just kind of random. ;)
Emma made a little friend.
Luckily, we knew some friends were there and we got to go sit by them for a while. We left a little early, right after the girl next us got hit in the knee by a foul ball. That is kind of fear of mine! Emma and Laci had to pose for some pictures first though.
Emma's end of the year t-ball party was last weekend. She hit the jackpot on the Deal or No Deal game! WooHoo!!

Then she got her trophy. That is what it is all about, folks!! The snacks and the trophy!

Emma and Laci. We had so much fun being on her team. ;)

After the party we got to meet the Luningham's at the movies. The boys and I saw Despicable Me and the girls and Nan went to see Ramona and Beezus. We totally beat the girls in trips to the bathroom" at 4 trips. ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A few pictures from here and there...

Aiden... bored and hot at t-ball.
Emma posing for some pictures.

Emma, full speed! ;)
Coach Mike telling her to hold up... Behind the fence on the right is our neighbor Ray! We were playing his grandson, Landon. We ♥ Ray and Deby!
After the game we had some ice cream with some friends. Here are Laci, Madi, and "Santa"
Here was the whole group except for Jack. He was probably smart to avoid the evidence of their silliness!! :)

Here was another picture from VBS. Cheese!!

For Christmas last year, Aiden wanted a Spiderman gun. All Santa could find was this web shooter that shoots out silly string "webs". Poor guy has never gotten to play with it until now! He really went to town! There were webs everywhere. :)

This was Emma's entertainment at the Natural's game. Here is her hula girl. Pretty good, I thought!

So cute!! Love these guys so much!
Look at this handsome fellow I got to go to Church with!

Emma and Laci with their twinkies after the last game. Mmmmm! The game got called for lightning after the first inning! :( But is was stinkin' humid so maybe it was a good thing! :)

Aiden trying out the boat at Mema's.
Emma just chillin'.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Here are a few recent pictures I just took off my phone.
Friday night before the 4th, we went to a Naturals game. Here are Emma and MaKayla being silly!
The fireworks at the game were really good too!

We went to Toy Story 3 with the Finstads. It was really good too! I was glad I had 3d glasses to cover my eyes when I cried! :)

Emma got to be the team captain on the one night I didn't bring my camera! She said they wanted to bat first! Oh, well!! Someday she will learn!

One day last week, Emma and Ella both wore their BFF shirts and it wasn't even planned! :) They were excited!

This weekend we made a quick trip to Branson because we hadn't been to Silver Dollar City during Kid's Fest yet. They had a blast!

This is their favorite Kid's Fest activity - playing with the foam stuff. I am sure it is really sanitary! ;)

They also had fun making dot pictures!

Emma was all about shooting the balls.

And Aiden was all about vacuuming them up!

It wasn't too, too hot, but it was pretty humid so they had to cool off a little.

Later that day, we had some books due so we had to make a quick trip to the library and of course we had to take a picture with the reading kids!! Ha!

Here are a few recent things I want to remember:
  • Aiden - Hansatizer = Hand Sanitizer
  • Aiden has been using his hands to talk recently and he is very serious about it.
  • We still have lots of conversations about Heaven and Nana Barb, along with Aunt Christy's brother, Aunt Erma and now our good family friend Mr. Randy. At Erma's funeral, Emma said it was good because now Nana Barb would have a friend to play with. So innocent! ;) And they were having the conversation in the car that they were just going to yell into Heaven "Nana Barb come down! We need to see you!" And then they say "There she is!!" Oh, how I wish!