Saturday, June 5, 2010

My favorite kind of Friday

Nice. A library book in your mouth. Yuck. But I guess I am glad he was excited about a book! We just love going to the library! We usually go every Friday, but I think we will switch to a different day for the summer and I am hoping that Nana will take them to the Summer Reading Program that will be on Tuesdays. Today we got our book log! They will get a sticker when they bring it in after they read 5 books and at the end of the summer, they will get a prize if it is all filled up. So we started tonight!
Hands Are Not For Hitting
Feet Are Not For Kicking
Princesses Are Not Perfect
and one chapter of a chapter book that was not the best one I have ever read and I am planning to not add that to the list and just hide it in the bottom of the library bag and hope Emma doesn't ask about it. Ha!
How cute is that? Grandpa should be melting right about now.
And now. That is just priceless to me.
Emma loves the computer games and it amazes me how well she can use the computer without any help!
Aiden is slightly less patient on the computer and he yells when he is wearing the earphones. So we try to stick to the board books and puzzles with him.

Emma really got a kick out of this Dora game. She figured out how to make the soccer ball kick Boots in the face and she thought that was so funny. She laughed and laughed!! LOL! And notice her "brawl" strap. Nice, huh? I was hoping it was just a little cami type shirt, but no. It was a monkey bra. Super.

Posing with the statue... again...
She was reading the book to him... something about trains, I think.

They always tried to throw it to the ducks instead of the geese, but the geese usually won anyway.
And they like to find the highest table to get on top of.

Since this is just one of those kind of documenting our favorite things kind of posts... here are some Aiden-isms I wanted to record.
Aiden asked if you get sick if the aliens will come to get you. Aliens = Ambulance.
We have had this converstation or a similar one more times than I can count lately. At least once a day.
Aiden: Mommy, can I have a nilla bar (aka granola bar)?
me: sure
Aiden: no, I said can I have a nilla bar?
me: yes, Aiden, you can
Aiden: No!! I said.... CAN.I.HAVE.A.NILLA.BAR
me: Aiden, I said yes. Are you listening to me? YES!!!
Aiden is a bike riding fool. He rides it all the time. Everyday when we get home, I hear the doggie door flip flap and then I see him on the back porch riding again.
He also tells me not to "freeget" his drink. Or he says "Mommy, did you "freeget" your phone?" (aka forget)
He is such a sweet boy though! I love him to pieces!! And Emma too. :)

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