Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, Part Two: Branson

First of all... I have been doing some catching up so I added some pictures to some previous posts and added a few posts here and there between previous posts, so feel free to scroll back and check those out. I think the last one I changed was Pre-Pre-K Graduation Party so you don't have to go past that. Thanks!!
First we went to Springfield to eat at Lamberts, Home of the Throwed Rolls. Emma wanted to go there. It was delicious! Later that evening we just did some shopping and went out for ice cream. Mmmmm! Baskin Robbins!
The next day, we went to our favorite breakfast place and then to Silver Dollar City. We found where the petting zoo had moved to. It was right by Emma's favorite place - the Taffy Store. Aiden petting the pony.
Petting some goats.
I was so proud of Aiden for petting them. :) What else can we pet?
Coloring on the slate in the one room school house. My dad is rad. :)
Trying on some skunk hats. :( yuck.
Trying on some more hats. Ha!

Our first time to ride The Great American Plunge with Emma. If you can't see Matt, he is the one hiding behind me so he won't get wet. It wasn't our best idea ever. Next time, I will bring extra shirts to change into immediately after the water rides. That was gross and miserable to wear that all day. But it was fun on the ride and Emma loved it.
Official Puddle Jumpers, they come by that honestly. ;)
We love the new ride at SDC, it really gets all of your tension out when you get to spray people in the face with water!
Ohmigosh, how cute is this boy. Nana would just want to kiss his knuckles. His little folded hands are just too cute.

Chip Stix. "Here let me show you how you eat them" That was what Papa and Daddy kept telling her.

It was a nice weekend, but Memorial Day Weekend, Part Three would be called "going to the cemetary without Nana and getting the worst service we have ever gotten at Denny's" It wasn't the best day ever because it was really terrible not having Nana to go with us on our annual trip to the cemetaries and to Denny's and we had to go through her house and all her stuff to see what all everyone wanted. No fun! :( But on a positve note, the kids were great all day and Aiden and Katie had the best time playing so that was cute. And Emma went back and forth between all the cousins. :)

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