Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend, Part One: the lake

Last Friday night we got to go up to the lake with the McConnell family. It was just what we needed. So relaxing!! Emma was ready to tube. (Not so relaxing) Just starting out. I am pretty sure she is fearless! How is this the same girl that hides behind me when I drop her off at school? Getting going.
Now she is free styling! Ha!
Faster! She learned the signs for Slower and Stop too, but she rarely used those. But she did make up a sign that meant go-in-a-curve-and-make-me-go-over-the-big-waves. Lord help me!
Ahhhh... the lake is just so relaxing... don't you think... (that's what he is thinking, I think)
Silly boys.
Is that not just beautiful? It is just so nice out there!

The first dinner at the new table. Yum!

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