Friday, June 25, 2010

Go Express!

Last Tuesday evening Emma had t-ball practice. I can't just say that it was super successful. But she seemed to have fun regardless of what Matt and I thought about her dust kicking and hmmm, how should I word this... lack of fastness, I guess. I think that we just needed a reminder of how we acted when we started too. I guess the competitiveness just accumulated with time. :) She played catcher for a little while.
We had practice on Thursday evening too. And before practice we made our usual Thursday Walmart run and when we were inside it sounded like a HUGE storm went over. And when we got outside here is what we saw...

I always think about how rainbows remind us of God's promise and I always tell the kids that. :) I guess God wanted to remind me of that before Emma's practice started. And it must have worked because it went pretty well despite being cut a little short due to some lightening. And Emma was so excited because she got her jersey! When the coach asked her what number she wanted, I bit my tongue to let her make the decision (but I was thinking - 2, Oh I wish I would have told her to pick 2!) And what does she pick?
Yay!! That has been her soccer number since she started so I hope we can keep it. :) Emma was excited that Brandon was stopping by really quick so she bolted out of the bath tub (hence the wet hair) and put her jersey on so he could see. He was wearing his to and they were both 2 and were very excited!!

Seriously, I hope they get married because I have so many cute pictures of them together. She had a blue bird figure in her hand that she got from Nana Barb's house. She has been arranging them in her room all week. :)

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