Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Express - Emma's first t-ball game

Last night, we got to go to Emma's first t-ball game. Her team actually had a game on Saturday, but we had to miss it since we were in St. Louis. Beth Moore was totally worth it though! :) Emma and I were so excited that the bow she got from Aunt Kellie matched her jersey perfectly and even has a baseball on it!! Yay for Aunt Kellie!! Here she is with Laci in the dugout before the game.
Batter up! The Ump was very helpful getting them all lined up at the tee. But he kept forgetting she was left handed.
She played catcher.

goodgame, goodgame, goodgame...

Nana and Nanny swinging her in the parking lot. 1, 2, 3...
It was a fun game. This will definitely be a trial in patience for Matt and I. We are really struggling with the fact that she is mostly just enjoying kicking the dirt around her (I am thinking of putting "Pig Pen" on the back of her jersey. Ha!) But we are really trying to remind ourselves that it is her first year and we want her to just have fun and learn. :)

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