Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dance Party!

Step, step, jump! :)
All lined up.
Emma LOVES her medal. She has taken it everywhere to show anyone she can show.
The party!
The snacks. We attempted the sugar cookies with the glaze again. Notsogood. But we learned a lot... The ballerina cookie cutter was cute in theory but not so much when you actually try to cut them out and bake them. ;( Then when the glaze recipe comments say that the glaze takes on color really well and you want light pink, DON'T USE TOO MUCH RED FOOD COLORING! Duh (Emma's new word)

This past Thursday was our first Thursday with no dance. It was kind of sad, but we were busy anyway so it was kind of good. But last Thursday was Emma's final dance class of the year and they got to have a party and get medals. We were also very excited because most of the little girls, including Emma signed up for the same class this fall. We had heard that none of them were signing up again so we were kind of sad, but they all had so much fun at the recital and dancing on stage that they wanted to do it again.

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