Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy week at the Evans Household

Monday was our day at home so the kids were in their pj's for half the day. :) Then Aiden decided he needed to shave. See the last post for Monday's soccer camp pictures. :) Tuesday, Granny Bev kept the kiddos and they went to Pizza Hut and got to make their very own pizzas and also went to Build a Bear where they made Baby Yunice a bear. Emma was very specific about how it was to be made. Very soft outside, not too much filling so it would be squishy, a lullaby, and pj's. So that's what she made! :) Tuesday was crazy sock day at soccer camp.

Wednesday was Favorite Jersey Day.

Aiden really enjoyed the "Water Boy" too. :)
Laci and Emma posing for a quick picture.
Thursday was crazy hair day. Emma wanted a mohawk. Nice.

Laci and Emma with their crazy hair! :)
We will have to miss the last night of soccer camp since we are going camping this weekend. We are sad to miss it, but I know we will be having fun! PS - they didn't really sweat that much, they just got their shirts wet with the "Water Boy". Ha!!
This morning at daycare was Donuts with Daddy day. It was so cute. I had to sneak in a get a few pictures before I left.
Emma picked her "My Daddy is the Big Kahuna" shirt (not sure why she is raising it up??) and Aiden picked his "My Dad is Rad" shirt. They sure love their Daddy!! So do I ! ;)

Have a great weekend and a Happy Father's Day!!

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