Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Express - Emma's first t-ball game

Last night, we got to go to Emma's first t-ball game. Her team actually had a game on Saturday, but we had to miss it since we were in St. Louis. Beth Moore was totally worth it though! :) Emma and I were so excited that the bow she got from Aunt Kellie matched her jersey perfectly and even has a baseball on it!! Yay for Aunt Kellie!! Here she is with Laci in the dugout before the game.
Batter up! The Ump was very helpful getting them all lined up at the tee. But he kept forgetting she was left handed.
She played catcher.

goodgame, goodgame, goodgame...

Nana and Nanny swinging her in the parking lot. 1, 2, 3...
It was a fun game. This will definitely be a trial in patience for Matt and I. We are really struggling with the fact that she is mostly just enjoying kicking the dirt around her (I am thinking of putting "Pig Pen" on the back of her jersey. Ha!) But we are really trying to remind ourselves that it is her first year and we want her to just have fun and learn. :)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Imago Dei

Here are about a million pictures from our little trip to St. Louis. Check back later for actual words.. I just can't do it justice right now, especially on the Beth Moore. Awesome though!! That is all I can say!! I was just AWESOME!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Go Express!

Last Tuesday evening Emma had t-ball practice. I can't just say that it was super successful. But she seemed to have fun regardless of what Matt and I thought about her dust kicking and hmmm, how should I word this... lack of fastness, I guess. I think that we just needed a reminder of how we acted when we started too. I guess the competitiveness just accumulated with time. :) She played catcher for a little while.
We had practice on Thursday evening too. And before practice we made our usual Thursday Walmart run and when we were inside it sounded like a HUGE storm went over. And when we got outside here is what we saw...

I always think about how rainbows remind us of God's promise and I always tell the kids that. :) I guess God wanted to remind me of that before Emma's practice started. And it must have worked because it went pretty well despite being cut a little short due to some lightening. And Emma was so excited because she got her jersey! When the coach asked her what number she wanted, I bit my tongue to let her make the decision (but I was thinking - 2, Oh I wish I would have told her to pick 2!) And what does she pick?
Yay!! That has been her soccer number since she started so I hope we can keep it. :) Emma was excited that Brandon was stopping by really quick so she bolted out of the bath tub (hence the wet hair) and put her jersey on so he could see. He was wearing his to and they were both 2 and were very excited!!

Seriously, I hope they get married because I have so many cute pictures of them together. She had a blue bird figure in her hand that she got from Nana Barb's house. She has been arranging them in her room all week. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I didn't get to spend Father's Day with my Dad, but he made a quick trip here the weekend before so that was good. And I didn't get a picture of him but he was right behind me when I took this one of Granny Bev swimming with the kiddos. So that will just have to work!! Hope you had a relaxing Father's Day!! :) Love you!
Matt started off Father's Day Weekend with Donuts with Daddy at Emma and Aiden's school. IT was cute. Emma's shirt said "My Daddy is the Big Kahuna" and Aiden's said "My Dad is Rad". They were so excited to have him at school to eat with them.
That evening we headed to the Buffalo river with some of Matt's buddies and their families.

The kids were loving the camp fire! And they seemed to like roasting their sticks more than marshmallows. Ha!
Mason wasn't so sure about sitting on a pink bed and he SURE wasn't going to watch Barbie, so they settled on Monsters vs. Aliens and did a little coloring.
Aiden and Riley decided to watch Incredibles in the living room.
In the morning, Matt cooked us breakfast. It was delicious!
Then we headed to the swimming hole. It was really pretty and the kids loved jumping off this big rock in the middle.
But most of the time was spent trying to catch tadpoles and other little animals.
Kelly caught at crawdad and they thought he might like a Dorito. :) He didn't.
We were just about to call it a day and Aiden wanted to go back in for one more little dip. Emma and some of the other kids were on "the big rock"...
...And then we saw this little guy. Matt's friend Kelly was just like " Uh, Suzanne, don't look behind you, but you might want to get out of the water." Calm much? You know... its just a SNAKE swimming towards my baby boy!! Oh my, it was the most scared I think I have been in a very long time!! I was politely suggesting to Matt to "GO GET HIM!!! GET AIDEN!!!" so he did. Phew. I didn't get a picture the first time because I was a little panic-y (you know, slightly) but then the darn thing came back once we were all out of the water!! I think then I was politely suggesting to Matt that he shoot it or something.
So after all that excitement we headed back to the cabin to just chill and have dinner. The next day was Father's Day!! We woke up and gave Matt his presents. :) Then we headed to Promenade. We had a little DQ...
...Then took Emma to get her ears pierced. She was soooo ready!! Here is before.
And here is after!! She did GREAT! No tears or anything! She picked some nice pink cz. So that was cute. Ha! No really, they are cute and she has been so diligent about letting me clean them. :)
That afternoon we went to a Father's Day picnic with Matt's family. Emma was so excited to show Mema her earrings.
And Aiden was just excited to visit with Mema.
And do some swingin'
Emma quickly shed her clothes and "accidentally" turned on the water. *yeah right*
Serving up some ice cream.
Then the cousins took a little ride in the paddle boat.