Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-K Graduation

Finally... the big day! Coleman Pre-K class of 2010. Here were their cake and decorations.
Mrs. Karen getting them up on stage. Emma and I love the giraffe print clip board, by the way! Emma is all about the giraffe print. :)
Apple Annie, somewhere between Astronauts and Apple Trees that sway. ;)
Starts with letter Aaaaaaa-AAA. I so know that you are singing this Mrs. Karen. :)
If they get married, I am going to have this picture on the slide show at the reception.
Getting her diploma from Ms. Courtney. *sniff, sniff* (On a side note, all week she was talking about her graduation day when she would get to wear her diploma - she thought that was the hat and outfit. Ha!)
Walking off the stage and getting her prize from Ms. Nadja. She loves when she gets to be Ms. Nadja's helper at school.
We are so very proud of our little Graduation Girl.
Posing outside the "Jonas Center" (aka Jones Center) But she did ask if we could see Nick Jonas there. Oh, lordy.
Here are some videos from her graduation...

I Can Count By 10's

Note that she is on the top row 4th from the right. And also note that her bff, Ella is on the far left and also note that the boy on Emma's right (the one playing with his tassle) is Brandon, the one that she told us she was going to marry! LOL!! :) - I just watched it again... Hahahaha! Brandon is cracking me up! So cute. It is that kind of thing that just makes pre-k graduations awesome! :)

Apple Annie

This is the one that I wake up singing every morning. ;) She sings it a lot! And please forgive my horrible vidoegraphy! I was trying to take picture with my other camera at the same time. So there are like 10 (or 20) seconds that I was just videoing the watch of the guy in front of me. Sorry!

And here is our little graduate... :)

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