Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-Pre-K Graduation Party

The last week of Pre-K was one big field trip, I think. They got to go to the Jones Center to practice for graduation and they also got to have a pizza party at Fun City. They had a great time!!
Katie, Madison, Emily (in background), Ella, Emma, and Sloane. That is just about all the girls in their class except Destiny and Olivia.

Madi, Sloane, and Emma.
Emma on the bus, you can see her between the two kids in the window. Before pre-k started she always talked about how she was so excited to ride the bus. But on the field trips she always wanted to ride with me instead, but she got to ride the bus several times. :)
Here were the cookies that we made and took to the party. I was so excited to figure out how to make that glaze for teh sugar cookies. Yay! And I have a LONG way to go before I catch up with mom on the big cookies. She made so many, her's always just slid right out... this cookie was my second attempt after the first one completely stuck to the pan and I had to scrape it out!! UGHH! Oh well, thankfully it was just the first of many and now I know mom's secret!! Foil and PAM!! WooHoo!

Just for fun... Emma's First Day of Pre-K
And Emma's Last Day of Pre-K It was a great year. She learned a lot, made lots of great friends and I did too! I will definitely miss Mrs. Karen, all the kids in the class and their parents.

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