Monday, May 24, 2010

Post Graduation - Pre Recital

Friday night after pre-k graduation, Daddy and Aiden had BNO at the Natural's game. It was faith and family night so me, Emma, and mom crashed their BNO so we could go watch Josh Wilson before Emma's rehearsal. He was so awesome. We had to leave before we heard Before the Morning, but we were in the car and drove by really slow so we could listen to it. :) Awesomeness!We were a tad late to the rehearsal, but it was worth it and it all worked out because they were running even later than we were. Phew!
Put a little love in your heart... ;)

The next morning we had Emma's friend Madison's Rock Star Birthday party. It was at a park that was so neat! Aiden got to go because Daddy was working on bee stuff.
Rockstar, Emma.
With their rock star tatoos. Oh, snap! I totally forgot about the dance recital when I let her put that on! At least it came off pretty easy! :)
Madi's mom had everything just perfect. Emma was rocking it out with her shades, microphone, and backstage pass. It was so cute!
Emma and Madison, the rock stars!
Then we headed to another little girl in Emma's pre-k class, Destiny's birthday party at Lokomotion. Emma's friend, Katie was there. She is such a sweetheart! They were all wet from riding the bumper boats.
Emma in the Bumper Boats, she didn't know this little girl but she had to ride with someone over 7 so she said she was so glad to make a new friend. :)
Then she got to drive go carts for the first time by herself. What... you don't usually drive go carts in heels and a tutu? ;)
It was a busy Friday and Saturday!!

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