Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Favorite Children's Books

Kelly's Korner is having "Show us your favorite children's books" this week as part of her "Show us your Life" series. So in no particular order...
Starting off with what we read tonight... Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew. Emma is getting all excited about looking in the "chapter book" section of the library so that has been fun!

We always love a good Fancy Nancy book! These are great to expand her vocabulary.

This is probably our favorite Dr. Suess book. I used to read this to Chas, my niece, when she was little. :) Now she is almost a sophomore in High School! *sniff, sniff*

Pinkalicious is a favorite too. Emma is leaning towards a Pinkalicious birthday party. I am slightly excited about that. ;) Junie B. Jones is another chapter book that both Emma and Aiden like. When the dvd is broken in the car (which was often for a while!) we would listen to these on cd. And speaking of "Graduation Girl," Emma will be graduating from Pre-K this coming Friday!! I can even believe it!

This was probably our all time favorite bed time book. I still have it completly memorized! Love it!! This was another Sandra Boynton favorite. We love her books.

Here are some that we have checked out at the library over and over and our on our Christmas Wish List... Princess Bess Gets Dressed. We all like this one. Aiden even almost has it memorized. This is the other one on our Wish List and we have checked it out at the library no less than 6 times. It is really cute, in a gross kind of way! ;)

My Dad read to me every single night (thanks, Dad!) and here were some of my favorites growing up:

Chapter Books:
Charlotte's Web
Stuart Little
Ramona Quimby (all of them!!)
Baby Sitters Club and Baby Sitters Club Little Sister
Golden Books:
Hiram's Red Shirt
Goodbye Tonsils (these two are REALLY OLD!)

Happy reading!! :)

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