Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Day Weekend!

Well, May Day this year was not the best. First of all, it was my Nana's FAVORITE holiday, even more than Christmas, so I felt that I really needed to do it up right this year for her. When we woke up it was all dark and dreary and yucky. Mom was at Pella (check out her BEAUTIFUL pictures on her facebook page) so we couldn't go there. So we took a May basket to Aunt Mary and bless her heart, her sweet caregiver, Carol had obviously never been "May Day-ed" before and didn't know that we were supposed to put the basket in front of the door and then hide so they could find us and give us a kiss. I mean, those are the official rules of May Day! So we just took the basket in and talked for a little while. Then the hard part... taking a May basket to Nana's grave site. :( It was sprinkling and just yucky all the way around. But later in the day, we had Emma's dance pictures so that cheered us up! Here she is in her ballet costume.
Here are Beth, Kendyl and Emma in their tap costumes. They are pretty much bff's in dance!
Emma and Miss Julie. She is such a sweetheart! We love her to death!
Then we took off to Branson for the rest of the weekend. We rode go carts. This is Matt and Aiden talking some smack before the race! Boys against girls!!
Waving as they passed us. We would have totally won if we didn't have some girl scouts ramming us from the back and being all rude. When I was a Brownie, we would have NEVER done that!! (side note: we might have also won if I wasn't trying to take pictures and drive at the same time, but whatever!)
Next, we played some mini golf. Emma had this random little girl yelling at her through the fence the whole time. "Enna, Hey Enna" I guess she misunderstood us when we said Emma and then she just kept yelling at her! Weird!! But regardless, Matt gave her some lessons on proper putt putt technique.
Aiden skipped the lessons on Proper Grip I guess.
But he was pretty darn good anyway. :) He would always do a little dance when it went in. After a little while though, he would just hit it from the tee and then pick it up and set it on the edge of the hole. he always seemed to get a 2! My kind of golfer!!
Taking a little break under Emma's favorite animal!
After some ice cream and swimming we had a good night's sleep. The next morning we went to the trout hatchery. It was pretty educational. :)
Then we went to Silver Dollar City. We love that place! And it was so much fun because the kids are getting big enough to ride more rides. It is great! Aiden isn't so sure about Fire in the Hole, but Emma loves it. We (excluding Matt) love the tea cups too!!
Here's Matt and the kiddos before Matt decided NEVER to ride the tea cups EVER AGAIN!!
Emma is our little carnivore! She ate half of Matt's rack of ribs!
It was great! It wasn't too busy at all. A beautiful day for some SDC! :)


  1. Hey girl! Well, Caroline is heading back to gymnastics, just for the summer...But Carlee is doing the summer dance thing? Email me and we can "chat"...We would love to be in the same class for the fall! :)
    jeff_keri at yahoo.com

  2. Hey there!!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! So glad we mommies can support each other as our kids grow up and get big right before our eyes!!! Your kiddos are adorable! Have a great week!