Monday, May 24, 2010

The Dance Recital...

Updated to add a few more pictures:
So these are a little out of order, but I wanted to add a few more. Here they are coming back from their tap routine. They were so cute and not nervous at all!
Just doing some dancing before the ballet routine. Can you tell that Emma re-applied her lip gloss? ;)
I think she was shocked at how much Freeze It I used on her hair. It wasn't going anywhere!
Emma with her flowers from us, Nana, and Uncle Terry and Maggie. How sweet was that of him to bring some for her even though Aunt Christy had to be out of town. He got points for that! ;)
Showing off the flowers to Chas.
Group pic of the girls in their tap costumes...
Emma Casey, Kendyl Hooper, Beth Sego, Laney Stien
Emma Evans, Ashton Schermerhorn, Madison

Tap Routine - Put a Little Love in your Hearts (all of these pictures from the performance are from Monica Hooper, Kendyl's mom! Thank you! My camera was all blurry without a flash.)

Kendyl did so well! She was really rocking it out in the tap routine! ;)She is the one in the middle. Emma is left of her.
Emma, Kendyl and Beth in the ballet routine.
The whole bunch.
Final pose!! YAY! They did so well!

Emma was blessed to have a whole row of family there cheering for her. That was so sweet of all of them! But we were especially thankful to have Aunt Mary there. I know it was hard for her to get out later like that. I know Nana would have been so glad that she came. That meant so much to me and Emma! ;) And we know that there were lots who wanted to be there and were there in their hearts! Thank you too!! ;)
Emma seemed to really love taking dance so I think we will continue with it in the fall. She said that she wants to take gymnastics though, so we'll see... (Update: we are signed up for tap, ballet and hip hop in the fall! How cute will that be? And it will be most of the same girls! YAY!!)

And... for the grandparents' viewing pleasure...

The Tap Routine
(Emma is 3rd from the left - aka the one going the opposite way as everyone else on the "step, tap, step, tap" move. Ha!!) And please excuse the first 20 seconds. They really were standing up there, I promise!

And the Ballet Routine (Emma is 3rd from the left). hehe! When in doubt, just smile and pliƩ!! :)

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  1. So cute! Those pics are awesome of the girls on stage! Wow! Emma looked so cute! :)