Monday, May 24, 2010

The Dance Recital...

Updated to add a few more pictures:
So these are a little out of order, but I wanted to add a few more. Here they are coming back from their tap routine. They were so cute and not nervous at all!
Just doing some dancing before the ballet routine. Can you tell that Emma re-applied her lip gloss? ;)
I think she was shocked at how much Freeze It I used on her hair. It wasn't going anywhere!
Emma with her flowers from us, Nana, and Uncle Terry and Maggie. How sweet was that of him to bring some for her even though Aunt Christy had to be out of town. He got points for that! ;)
Showing off the flowers to Chas.
Group pic of the girls in their tap costumes...
Emma Casey, Kendyl Hooper, Beth Sego, Laney Stien
Emma Evans, Ashton Schermerhorn, Madison

Tap Routine - Put a Little Love in your Hearts (all of these pictures from the performance are from Monica Hooper, Kendyl's mom! Thank you! My camera was all blurry without a flash.)

Kendyl did so well! She was really rocking it out in the tap routine! ;)She is the one in the middle. Emma is left of her.
Emma, Kendyl and Beth in the ballet routine.
The whole bunch.
Final pose!! YAY! They did so well!

Emma was blessed to have a whole row of family there cheering for her. That was so sweet of all of them! But we were especially thankful to have Aunt Mary there. I know it was hard for her to get out later like that. I know Nana would have been so glad that she came. That meant so much to me and Emma! ;) And we know that there were lots who wanted to be there and were there in their hearts! Thank you too!! ;)
Emma seemed to really love taking dance so I think we will continue with it in the fall. She said that she wants to take gymnastics though, so we'll see... (Update: we are signed up for tap, ballet and hip hop in the fall! How cute will that be? And it will be most of the same girls! YAY!!)

And... for the grandparents' viewing pleasure...

The Tap Routine
(Emma is 3rd from the left - aka the one going the opposite way as everyone else on the "step, tap, step, tap" move. Ha!!) And please excuse the first 20 seconds. They really were standing up there, I promise!

And the Ballet Routine (Emma is 3rd from the left). hehe! When in doubt, just smile and pliƩ!! :)

Post Graduation - Pre Recital

Friday night after pre-k graduation, Daddy and Aiden had BNO at the Natural's game. It was faith and family night so me, Emma, and mom crashed their BNO so we could go watch Josh Wilson before Emma's rehearsal. He was so awesome. We had to leave before we heard Before the Morning, but we were in the car and drove by really slow so we could listen to it. :) Awesomeness!We were a tad late to the rehearsal, but it was worth it and it all worked out because they were running even later than we were. Phew!
Put a little love in your heart... ;)

The next morning we had Emma's friend Madison's Rock Star Birthday party. It was at a park that was so neat! Aiden got to go because Daddy was working on bee stuff.
Rockstar, Emma.
With their rock star tatoos. Oh, snap! I totally forgot about the dance recital when I let her put that on! At least it came off pretty easy! :)
Madi's mom had everything just perfect. Emma was rocking it out with her shades, microphone, and backstage pass. It was so cute!
Emma and Madison, the rock stars!
Then we headed to another little girl in Emma's pre-k class, Destiny's birthday party at Lokomotion. Emma's friend, Katie was there. She is such a sweetheart! They were all wet from riding the bumper boats.
Emma in the Bumper Boats, she didn't know this little girl but she had to ride with someone over 7 so she said she was so glad to make a new friend. :)
Then she got to drive go carts for the first time by herself. What... you don't usually drive go carts in heels and a tutu? ;)
It was a busy Friday and Saturday!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre-K Graduation

Finally... the big day! Coleman Pre-K class of 2010. Here were their cake and decorations.
Mrs. Karen getting them up on stage. Emma and I love the giraffe print clip board, by the way! Emma is all about the giraffe print. :)
Apple Annie, somewhere between Astronauts and Apple Trees that sway. ;)
Starts with letter Aaaaaaa-AAA. I so know that you are singing this Mrs. Karen. :)
If they get married, I am going to have this picture on the slide show at the reception.
Getting her diploma from Ms. Courtney. *sniff, sniff* (On a side note, all week she was talking about her graduation day when she would get to wear her diploma - she thought that was the hat and outfit. Ha!)
Walking off the stage and getting her prize from Ms. Nadja. She loves when she gets to be Ms. Nadja's helper at school.
We are so very proud of our little Graduation Girl.
Posing outside the "Jonas Center" (aka Jones Center) But she did ask if we could see Nick Jonas there. Oh, lordy.
Here are some videos from her graduation...

I Can Count By 10's

Note that she is on the top row 4th from the right. And also note that her bff, Ella is on the far left and also note that the boy on Emma's right (the one playing with his tassle) is Brandon, the one that she told us she was going to marry! LOL!! :) - I just watched it again... Hahahaha! Brandon is cracking me up! So cute. It is that kind of thing that just makes pre-k graduations awesome! :)

Apple Annie

This is the one that I wake up singing every morning. ;) She sings it a lot! And please forgive my horrible vidoegraphy! I was trying to take picture with my other camera at the same time. So there are like 10 (or 20) seconds that I was just videoing the watch of the guy in front of me. Sorry!

And here is our little graduate... :)

Pre-Pre-K Graduation Party

The last week of Pre-K was one big field trip, I think. They got to go to the Jones Center to practice for graduation and they also got to have a pizza party at Fun City. They had a great time!!
Katie, Madison, Emily (in background), Ella, Emma, and Sloane. That is just about all the girls in their class except Destiny and Olivia.

Madi, Sloane, and Emma.
Emma on the bus, you can see her between the two kids in the window. Before pre-k started she always talked about how she was so excited to ride the bus. But on the field trips she always wanted to ride with me instead, but she got to ride the bus several times. :)
Here were the cookies that we made and took to the party. I was so excited to figure out how to make that glaze for teh sugar cookies. Yay! And I have a LONG way to go before I catch up with mom on the big cookies. She made so many, her's always just slid right out... this cookie was my second attempt after the first one completely stuck to the pan and I had to scrape it out!! UGHH! Oh well, thankfully it was just the first of many and now I know mom's secret!! Foil and PAM!! WooHoo!

Just for fun... Emma's First Day of Pre-K
And Emma's Last Day of Pre-K It was a great year. She learned a lot, made lots of great friends and I did too! I will definitely miss Mrs. Karen, all the kids in the class and their parents.

Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend we had some of the kids best friends over. Of course Emma and Ella were pretty princesses. :)
And the boys were... well, boys! It was so neat to see Aiden getting to play with lots of little boys. And to see him making friends of his own. He and Rylan are pretty good buddies!

And here are Rylan, Mason, Aiden and Corbin. They had a lot of fun!!

Rainbow Bright

After Emma's last soccer game last Saturday, we got to go to one of her teammate's birthday parties! Miss Nevaeh was turning 6 and had a Rainbow Bright party! So finally after about 25 years, someone got some good out of this Rainbow Bright costume that my mom made!! Yay!! And sorry mom!!
The kids had a blast at the park!

They especially loved this old slide that was apparently really good beacause everytime they went down, they just kept on going when they got to the bottom! ;)