Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pretend Sleepover!

Here was another cute picture from last week's soccer game. Look at the determination! ;)
This friday was the day we have been waiting for for MONTHS! The PRETEND SLEEPOVER! WOOOHOOO!
They went "swimming" in the hot tub. We did manicures and pedicures. Notice Aiden in the Pedicure chair! Ha!
Pedicure time!
And they did some makeup. :)
And the mom's made flip flops! I think they turned out so cute!! :)
Pretty girls!! (And Rylan!)
This morning, we woke up to storms so our soccer game was cancelled and we decided not to go to Race for the Cure (Aiden was calling it Carity?? I remember Emma used to call it Race for the CARE, but I am not sure where he got Carity?) We did get to go to a birthday party at Fun City! It was new and nicer than the old one, but it still makes me a nervous wreck!! But do you see the BOW IN EMMA'S HAIR!! YAY!!! And it is a BIG one and it lasted the whole party! I was soooooo excited! :)
Of course they wanted to shoot some deer!

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