Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More random things...

So we passed on date night last Friday so we could see this little sweetie pie (Yunice, not Matt). And Matt is giving me the "don't even think about it, we're done" face. :(
Saturday we had soccer and then LOTS of birthdays! The first party was Mallory's. She was 3 and had her party at Cake Party. It was so fun and the kids loved it! And by the way, I swore I would never let my kids out of the house without making sure their hair was fixed. Ooops!
Then Matt took the kiddos to the Little Gym for Mason's 4th birthday. Mason is Aiden's bff!! They are all about the super heroes. :) While Matt was at that party I went with Mom to a mass that was said for Nana (Barb) since it was her birthday too. Mom finally dismissed me after I balled all the way to the "peace be with you." Sorry, Mom!
Sunday, we had kind of a celebration of Nana's life and we wrote notes on balloons and let them go to heaven. This has been a good thing for the kids because it seems like a very tangible way for the kids to send something to Nana. We have been letting lots of balloons go recently, mostly to Nana, but also Hannah Grace (all pink and Barbie balloons go to Hannah). I like the thought of it so I hope that it isn't too awful for the environment. :)
Mom was convinced that Nana would like these because she had to "steal" them from her neighbor. We were always having to stop and get some kind of flowers when we went to Pella (not the tulips! we don't want to go to jail or anything!)
More soccer tonight... Stretching!!
Emma was really on the ball tonight (so to speak). She was really hussling (sp?) out there.

Oh yeah! I kicked the ball. Wooo hooo. (I think is what she was saying).
Honestly, there is nothing better than the soccer tunnel. What a self esteem booster! Maybe if we would have done those down the hall at Fiser, I would still be a "practicing" CPA. Uh, nope. :)

After soccer... Cancun as usual. Love it!! But the kids were terrible!! They might not let us come back again. But I'm sure we'll try.
Just to clarify their behavior, watch this video and pretend the mom is me. :)
Here are a few little Emma and Aiden-isms that I don't want to forget:
Emma told Matt that she was glad that he would be home with us on Saturday morning, but she didn't want to wake up and have to watch any of his "ignort" shows. Ha!! (i.e. ignorant)
She has been very sweet lately (except at the Mexican food place tonight). But she and Aiden have been giving lots of hugs and kisses to each other and if Aiden gets upset, Emma will pat him and say "it's ok Buddy (or Bubba)". And if he is crying I heard her say shhhhh, shhhhh, shhhhh and wave her arm like in a calming motion.
Still lots of conversations about Nana Barb being in heaven. At Aunt Mary's b'day party, I was having a hard time and Emma was telling me that it was ok, because Nana Barb would just be born again and start over as a baby. Uh, no. I said, (while cursing the fact that I don't make her go to Sunday School) that no, she would still be in Heaven and that you don't even want to leave Heaven and we would see her someday.
On a lighter note, Phineas and Ferb still hold the spot for favorite cartoon. Everyone gets so excited when we hear "There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation..."
Last night, Aiden was cruising in his little truck (which has an AM radio in it) and he drove up to me and Granny Bev and said that he was "listening to God" (It was American Family Radio). Bev asked him what God said and he said that Nana Barb was in Heaven. :)
There's surely more, but I just can't think of it right now.
Have a great rest of the week!!

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