Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last (last) week's randomness...

Two weeks ago, we got about a million (I'm not kidding) bees delivered to our house. Actually, they were delivered to the Post Office and they called me at 6am to pick them up. They were in cages, I don't know why they were so freaked out! :) Here are Matt, Papa and the supreme BeeMan, Charlee (we call him Inky, I don't know why?) They were putting all the bees in the hive! We will be set for honey this fall.
We watched some soccer.
Gooooo, Lemondrops!! Emma did awesome at this game. I mean we still didn't score a goal or anything, but Emma really got up in there and kicked the ball a few times! It was great. After soccer we headed to a local Mexican restaurant which is becoming our regular after-soccer place. We love it and we love the waitress we always get. She reminds me so much of Gloria from Modern Family (which I LOVE).
Emma, Beth and Kendyl rocked out to Party in the USA. That was their reward for paying attention while practicing their routine. They are so cute!!

Hopefully we will look back at this picture in a few years and giggle. :) But it is so precious for now!

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