Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Aunt Mary!!

This week we had Aunt Mary a surprise 80th birthday party. Bittersweet was an understatement. It was so awesome to see her doing so well, but good grief it made me miss Nana soooooo much. Especially in this picture. Tears were rolling when I snapped it. The three of them always did their tap dance when they got together. Here is Aunt Mary and Aunt Midge doing it. I am sure that there was some tap dancing in heaven going on too! ;) Here's her cake! It matched the serving dishes.
Mom and Aunt Mary. Because they didn't have any pictures together.
Here are Emma and Aiden playing with Aunt Mary's toys. I remember loving to play with them too! Emma has decided that she wants to work at Subway when she gets bigger. :)
So serious!!

We love you, Aunt Mary!! Happy 80th Birthday!!

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