Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday...

... to my blog!!
And it is my 100th post! Woooo Hooo! So if I was really nice I would do some kind of big giveaway or something. But you know me, I am way too cheap for that!! So just have a great day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pretend Sleepover!

Here was another cute picture from last week's soccer game. Look at the determination! ;)
This friday was the day we have been waiting for for MONTHS! The PRETEND SLEEPOVER! WOOOHOOO!
They went "swimming" in the hot tub. We did manicures and pedicures. Notice Aiden in the Pedicure chair! Ha!
Pedicure time!
And they did some makeup. :)
And the mom's made flip flops! I think they turned out so cute!! :)
Pretty girls!! (And Rylan!)
This morning, we woke up to storms so our soccer game was cancelled and we decided not to go to Race for the Cure (Aiden was calling it Carity?? I remember Emma used to call it Race for the CARE, but I am not sure where he got Carity?) We did get to go to a birthday party at Fun City! It was new and nicer than the old one, but it still makes me a nervous wreck!! But do you see the BOW IN EMMA'S HAIR!! YAY!!! And it is a BIG one and it lasted the whole party! I was soooooo excited! :)
Of course they wanted to shoot some deer!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More random things...

So we passed on date night last Friday so we could see this little sweetie pie (Yunice, not Matt). And Matt is giving me the "don't even think about it, we're done" face. :(
Saturday we had soccer and then LOTS of birthdays! The first party was Mallory's. She was 3 and had her party at Cake Party. It was so fun and the kids loved it! And by the way, I swore I would never let my kids out of the house without making sure their hair was fixed. Ooops!
Then Matt took the kiddos to the Little Gym for Mason's 4th birthday. Mason is Aiden's bff!! They are all about the super heroes. :) While Matt was at that party I went with Mom to a mass that was said for Nana (Barb) since it was her birthday too. Mom finally dismissed me after I balled all the way to the "peace be with you." Sorry, Mom!
Sunday, we had kind of a celebration of Nana's life and we wrote notes on balloons and let them go to heaven. This has been a good thing for the kids because it seems like a very tangible way for the kids to send something to Nana. We have been letting lots of balloons go recently, mostly to Nana, but also Hannah Grace (all pink and Barbie balloons go to Hannah). I like the thought of it so I hope that it isn't too awful for the environment. :)
Mom was convinced that Nana would like these because she had to "steal" them from her neighbor. We were always having to stop and get some kind of flowers when we went to Pella (not the tulips! we don't want to go to jail or anything!)
More soccer tonight... Stretching!!
Emma was really on the ball tonight (so to speak). She was really hussling (sp?) out there.

Oh yeah! I kicked the ball. Wooo hooo. (I think is what she was saying).
Honestly, there is nothing better than the soccer tunnel. What a self esteem booster! Maybe if we would have done those down the hall at Fiser, I would still be a "practicing" CPA. Uh, nope. :)

After soccer... Cancun as usual. Love it!! But the kids were terrible!! They might not let us come back again. But I'm sure we'll try.
Just to clarify their behavior, watch this video and pretend the mom is me. :)
Here are a few little Emma and Aiden-isms that I don't want to forget:
Emma told Matt that she was glad that he would be home with us on Saturday morning, but she didn't want to wake up and have to watch any of his "ignort" shows. Ha!! (i.e. ignorant)
She has been very sweet lately (except at the Mexican food place tonight). But she and Aiden have been giving lots of hugs and kisses to each other and if Aiden gets upset, Emma will pat him and say "it's ok Buddy (or Bubba)". And if he is crying I heard her say shhhhh, shhhhh, shhhhh and wave her arm like in a calming motion.
Still lots of conversations about Nana Barb being in heaven. At Aunt Mary's b'day party, I was having a hard time and Emma was telling me that it was ok, because Nana Barb would just be born again and start over as a baby. Uh, no. I said, (while cursing the fact that I don't make her go to Sunday School) that no, she would still be in Heaven and that you don't even want to leave Heaven and we would see her someday.
On a lighter note, Phineas and Ferb still hold the spot for favorite cartoon. Everyone gets so excited when we hear "There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation..."
Last night, Aiden was cruising in his little truck (which has an AM radio in it) and he drove up to me and Granny Bev and said that he was "listening to God" (It was American Family Radio). Bev asked him what God said and he said that Nana Barb was in Heaven. :)
There's surely more, but I just can't think of it right now.
Have a great rest of the week!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Would you look at these beauties!! We got them Friday!! :) So far, Matt hasn't let me touch them, but I can't wait to sanitize and steam everything we own!!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Mary!!

This week we had Aunt Mary a surprise 80th birthday party. Bittersweet was an understatement. It was so awesome to see her doing so well, but good grief it made me miss Nana soooooo much. Especially in this picture. Tears were rolling when I snapped it. The three of them always did their tap dance when they got together. Here is Aunt Mary and Aunt Midge doing it. I am sure that there was some tap dancing in heaven going on too! ;) Here's her cake! It matched the serving dishes.
Mom and Aunt Mary. Because they didn't have any pictures together.
Here are Emma and Aiden playing with Aunt Mary's toys. I remember loving to play with them too! Emma has decided that she wants to work at Subway when she gets bigger. :)
So serious!!

We love you, Aunt Mary!! Happy 80th Birthday!!

Meeting the Aunts

I probably should have included this with the photoshoot post because it was right after. It was when baby Yunice got to meet Aunt Shannon and Aunt Becky!! I think this is her "Grandma Shirley" face.
She knows that she better hold on for dear life because she is meeting Aunt Shannon. Yes, baby Yunice, they are always that happy and always laugh that much!!
So fun!! Enjoy it! Here she is meeting Aunt Becky!


Recently, we had a photoshoot with baby Yunice!

Here are some of my favorite SOOC (straight out of camera) shots. I am having some trouble learning Lightroom. But I thought she was so cute! :)

Last (last) week's randomness...

Two weeks ago, we got about a million (I'm not kidding) bees delivered to our house. Actually, they were delivered to the Post Office and they called me at 6am to pick them up. They were in cages, I don't know why they were so freaked out! :) Here are Matt, Papa and the supreme BeeMan, Charlee (we call him Inky, I don't know why?) They were putting all the bees in the hive! We will be set for honey this fall.
We watched some soccer.
Gooooo, Lemondrops!! Emma did awesome at this game. I mean we still didn't score a goal or anything, but Emma really got up in there and kicked the ball a few times! It was great. After soccer we headed to a local Mexican restaurant which is becoming our regular after-soccer place. We love it and we love the waitress we always get. She reminds me so much of Gloria from Modern Family (which I LOVE).
Emma, Beth and Kendyl rocked out to Party in the USA. That was their reward for paying attention while practicing their routine. They are so cute!!

Hopefully we will look back at this picture in a few years and giggle. :) But it is so precious for now!

Field Trip!

Wooo Hooo!! A few weeks ago, Emma's pre-k took a field trip to Fayetteville Fire Station #1. It was so fun! We were sad to hear that Sparky had gone to doggie heaven :(
But they learned a lot and they got to do so much...
They went through a fire truck (Ladder #11)
They got to look down the hole where the Fire Fighters go down the pole.
They got official badges.
Their class with the firefighters!
Emma doesn't look too happy! But it really was fun! :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter!

Here is a catch up of our Easter activities...

Saturday, we went to a pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt at Emma's bff's church. Before the hunt they had stations you could walk through to show the things that Jesus did before he died and was resurrected. Here, Ella and Emma are serving each other food. This was after they washed each others hands. It was really neat!

This was a station where they pinned their sins on the cross so Jesus can forgive us for them. Emma and Aiden both said their sin was hitting! Uhh, yeah. Thank you, God for forgiveness!

Aiden and Rylan, bff's too!

The hunt! Aiden got more than Emma because she and Ella had to move up to the big kid hunt this year. *sniff* Needless to say, they didn't get as many this year.

The group! 2010

After the hunt on Saturday, we went to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. Dear Mall People, I think that it is so tacky that you stopped letting people take pictures with their own cameras. I am not paying $48 for pictures with a fake looking bunny with a tacky outfit. I am not even going to pay $48 for pictures with Santa, even though he is an awesome Santa, but Easter Bunny, not so much! So I hope you go bankrupt on your Easter Bunny Photography business. That is all, thank you!

So we left our letters to the Easter Bunny on the hearth and that seemed to work just fine. Emma has her Daddy's competitive egg hunting abilities and Aiden seemed to get mine. However, I did this year for the first time in 17 egg hunting battles between Matt and I, beat him!! Woo Hoo! It was a BIG day for me! Thank you, Mom! That is one of our favorite Easter activities! Hopefully, with enough therapy, Emma will forgive me for not helping her during the hunt!
Opening eggs from the Easter Bunny.
Family picture, Easter 2010!
I thought Emma was really going to read this. She looked at it like this for a while, but then she said, "Momma, I can't read!"
Cutie Pie!
Another egg hunt - at Nanny and Papa's church.

What else can we do with these baskets?
Olivia making deviled eggs. Nana would be so proud!
The last Easter egg hunt for the year! :)
We are so thankful for Jesus and the hope that he gave us by dying on the cross and being resurrected! Thank you!!