Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, lately we have been making some messes and then taking a break to watch some tv with Brinkley, Buzz and some stuffed animals. Mostly, Phineas and Ferb. Isabella is Emma's favorite with Candace running a close second and Aiden mostly likes Agent P. No matter what they are watching, they have to establish which character everyone is before the title sequence is over. I have to admit that Phineas and Ferb are soooo much more tolerable than Max and Ruby and don't even get me started on Yo Gabba, Gabba. :( YUCK!! They also have been watching a lot of Barbie and the Diamond Castle (Emma = purple girl, Aiden = pink girl, Mommy= red girl in the mirror) and Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses (Emma = red girl, Aiden = green girl). Matt is soooo pushing for him to watch more Spiderman! We had some well checks (aka wild and crazy kids go completely bonkers in the room until Dr. Lovell arrives and then they clam up and don't say a word because they were actually supposed to!!) Emma was 42 inches and 43 pounds (75th percentile for height and weight). Aiden was 39 inches and 36 pounds (90th percentile for height and weight). They were both right on track for their development, but I was a tiny bit disappointed that they didn't just bust out everything they knew and really impress Dr. Lovell and Emma didn't know her phone number. :( But I think she called Daddy and Nana enough times this weekend that she should have them memorized!

Emma had her Kindergarten physical. And she was excited because she heard all the beeps! :)
If Aiden doesn't like what sissy watches, he "gets" to watch what he wants on his dvd. That girl... she is something.

We have also been passing colds back and forth so that has been no fun!

This past week was Dr. Suess's birthday so Emma's class read a lot of his books and watched some of his movies. Her snack day was Thursday, so we made One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish jello jigglers, and took Pink Ink to drink. But she was sick that day so we just had to take the snack and leave. :( We were trying to figure out how to take green eggs and ham, but that just doesn't sound good no matter how you make it! But Nana took Aiden to the Dr. Suess story time at the library and he liked that!


I wanted to add a few current things that I don't want to forget...

Aiden knows all of the colors except that he sometimes says that gray is brown (i.e. he wants to wear the brown hoggie shirt) and he calls yellow "wello" but I LOVE that I am not going to correct him! :)

Emma has been waking up every morning with a "song in her head". This morning it was Apple Annie, I'll try to post a video - so cute!! And yesterday it was the song that the mean lady in Barbie and the Diamond Castle sings about liking solos. How does she remember all of these songs? I need to have Barbie sing a song about our phone number so she will remember that!! ;)

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  1. HI!!! I have great news and a story to tell you. My dad and I have a great relationship now! I want to tell about it soon :) hope you all are doing well.