Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our week, in review

The kids got Nana to buy them some seeds at the Farm Store (aka Co-Op) so they planted their onions and potatoes.
And we celebrated St. Patrick's Day! With green smooties, shamrock cinnamon toast (Aiden calls it French Toast), Rainbow cereal (fruity pebbles) and some green pudding! :)

Also this week, we buried a St. Joseph so we could get this house sold! :) Here is Aiden with the reminants of his black eye (with a side of snotty nose!) Daddy spent his birthday money on something very useful and practical... a remote control truck that goes 50 miles per hour. Crazy!! He and Aiden were going to have a race. By the way... Aiden is wearing his "boy night gown" in this picture. Emma wears night gowns every night to bed so Aiden HAS to be just like his sissy! But we had to find this t-shirt with a football field on it so it would be a BOY night gown. :)

Sneak peek!! Here is Emma's ballet costume for her recital. We were practicing with her hairdo too. We think that we really liked this bun. Emma wanted something just like Genevieve in Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. We LOVE this dress!! It is soooo beautiful!!

That is just a little catch up post... :)

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