Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Homecoming!

Friday night was our cousin, Maggie's Winter Homecoming and she was a junior maid so we didn't want to miss that!!

She was beautiful, as usual!

So was Brey!! ;)

I am really thinking of having him sign a copy of this so I can sell it on ebay when he is in the NFL. Ha!!

Maggie was so sweet to give Emma her bouquet so we had to have our own Homecoming ceremony when we got home. And here is pre-k maid, Miss Emma Evans... (when they were listing all of the girls' activities and accomplishments, she said "wow, I hope I have that many things to do too!" I was thinking, girl you almost already do!) Emma is the daughter of Matt and Leigh Evans. She is a pre-kindergartner at Coleman Academy. She is active in tap and ballet, soccer and swimming lessons. She is a former member of Durham's tiny tots class. She enjoys bossing playing with her brother and her Barbies.... Miss Emma Evans!! LOL!!

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