Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Happy 34th birthday Matt! We have now officially been together for half of your life too! I love that!!

For your birthday, the kids and I came up with a list of 34 reasons that you are the best husband/daddy ever!!

  1. You are special ~Emma
  2. You make me hot "slockit" (chocolate) ~Aiden
  3. You sit on the couch with me on Saturday mornings ~ Emma
  4. You make me deer meat ~ Emma
  5. You take me outside to pee ~ Aiden
  6. You keep our hot tub super clean
  7. You are very strong
  8. You make the best french toast ever
  9. You are a the best griller in the south
  10. You are the hardest worker I have ever seen
  11. You always teach me new things
  12. You appreciate the good ol' days
  13. You love us and we love you
  14. I think that you may secretly love Disney World as much as I do
  15. You love Christmas so much and you can't sleep the whole week before
  16. Four words... Bacon.Wrapped.Jalepeno.Thingies.
  17. You sing to us ;) (I could soooo post a video of this, but I love you so I won't!)
  18. You would actually let me drive your truck if I had to
  19. You are the better grocery shopper in the household
  20. You even clean the house when I slack off
  21. You love watching the same movie on HBO over and over and over
  22. You are very reliable
  23. You know how to do EVERYTHING
  24. You keep our house very warm
  25. You know how to fix everything
  26. You love Arkansas Football and get so excited for football season
  27. You built a snowman with me ~ Emma
  28. You are definitely a "hands on" dad and know everything about the kids and their routine
  29. Even though you aren't too big on church, I know that you love Jesus and you teach the kids to also. ;)
  30. You love to go, go, go and get antsy staying at the house too long
  31. You are always willing to help your family
  32. I love that we are high school sweet hearts and I will never wear boxer shorts as real shorts in front of you again! :)
  33. Because you tell me jokes that you "made up" and think they are so funny!
  34. Because you place such a high value on family!

We love you Matt / Daddy!!

We hope you have the best birthday ever!!

You are so very special to us!!

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