Monday, February 15, 2010

A few little things...

There are just a few little things that I wanted to record so that I will remember them...

  • Emma has been saying "that totally cracks me out" (instead of cracks me up).
  • She and Aiden have been playing really well together most of the time... However, last week when I picked them up at school, Emma told Aiden that he couldn't have babies because he was a boy and he ran and tackled her from about 6 feet back. The look on her face was totally priceless. She was shocked!! And then, of course, she cried.
  • Aiden is as sweet as can be , but lately he has been WHINEY!!! OH, my gosh, Mom and Dad. I am so sorry that I ever whined to you. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I really didn't mean it. Really. God, did you hear that? I repent!!!

But Back to how they have been playing well together...

  • They have been playing with their Zhu Zhu pets (Heart and Hamsty) a ton. Thanks, Nana!! They have built houses, stolen blankets from my material stash, and have a whole little town for them.
  • They have also been playing Barbies a lot. Poor Aiden, he needs a brother.
  • They have been playing dogs and Emma climbed on the counter and got Bella's little dog bowls and they were eating starbursts (aka dog treats) out of it and drinking water.
  • Lately, they have been playing baby a lot. I hardly even answer anymore when I hear "Mom" because it is usually them playing. They even got their old potty seat out of the attic and have been using it to go potty. Grrrr! Hell-o that was sanitized!

Also, for quite sometime Aiden has been saying "Hang" as in can you give me that "hang" (thing) and "Hink ooo" (thank you). And lately he has been just full of conversations, mostly about heaven. He is very concerned about when everyone will be going to heaven. And they are both very aware that is where Nana Barb is and they talk about her frequently. The other thing that Aiden says frequently is "When I be a baby..." will you feed me baby applesauce... will you change my diaper... etc. And on a similar note, one of their favorite breakfast foods are "waffles when Emma be a baby" (i.e. Eggo French Toast sticks that Emma loved when she was about 18 -24 months)

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