Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Today is my Mom's birthday (well, not technically, but close enough - she is a leap year baby!!) So Happy 14.5th Birthday, Mom!!
 Well, I don't even know where to begin... I can't even begin to thank you enough for all that you do for us. I know we don't tell you enough, but we truly appreciate everything you do.... baby sitting, ironing, cleaning, baking, sewing, washing, cooking, ironing, go-go-going, Dollar Storing, did I mention ironing?
 Just everything! I know I am missing so much. But we appreciate it all. But mostly, I appreciate it because when I hear the following poem, I think of you. Not because I know you like it (but I do know you like it) but because it is so very true of you (you can go get some kleenex... I'll wait... back? k...)

One Hundred Years From Now
by Forest Witcraft
One hundred years from now
It won't matter
What kind of car I drove
What kind of house I lived in
How much money I had in the bank
Nor what my clothes looked like
The world may be a little better
Because I was important
In the life of a child.

You have been and continue to be so important in the life of so many children. Not only just in my life, but in Emma and Aiden's life and also all of the cousins. I know that Aunt JuJu was and still is a favorite. And I know that I first thanked you for all of the BIG things that you do for us (like the ironing!!) but it is the little things that really mean the most, like...
Loving fall leaves so much that I couldn't help it but to eventually love them too. And the same with Spring daisies, tulips and daffodils, even so much that we would trapse all the way to Iowa and back in a weekend to see the tulips. And appreciating beautiful sunsets and just pretty clouds. And maybe liking chocolate a little. And burritos from Russellville. And warm cars. And KLRC on the radio. And ALWAYS stopping at lemonade stands - NO MATTER WHAT! And celebrating even the smallest holidays in a big way. And, well of course, loving Jesus!!!
But something else, isn't just that you have been important to children, but that you have been important to so many people of all ages! 
By having such a neat relationship with Nana, you have taught me to be more caring and to be more attentative to the needs of others and to be more thoughtful. By taking such good care of Aunt Mary, you are teaching me to go out of their comfort zone and do something nice for people that need the company. By being such a great nurse, you have taught me to work hard, love what I do and find ways to help others no matter what my profession. By being the Celebration-ologist, you have taught me to show others they are special and valued. By being the Just Say No lady, you taught me to be assertive and stand up for what I believe. By being the Band Booster President, you taught me... hmmm, no... I'm pretty sure you just did that to be mean to me! :) Just kidding!! You taught me to SMILE and I love that and you taught me not to give up even though it might not be fun at the time, there will be great memories and there are!

I love you, Mom!! Happy Birthday!! I am praying that the prune cake turns out edible!!!
Here are some pictures of your favorite place ever. (I just happened to have them on my computer!)

I love you!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!
Happy Birthday!! 
(P.S. I hope your day is great, even though we miss Nana like crazy! We just have to remember she is celebrating YOU and YOUR birthday with Jesus and that is the coolest thing ever! Even better than winning on KLRC!!) 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Matt's Birthday Dinner!

Matt has been really into his beekeeping hobby so for his birthday we had a bee theme! Mom spent tons of time making this bee hive pinata with his stash of birthday money hidden inside. And she made the little swarm of bees too! So cute!! It was perfect! He got a chainsaw from his parents.
And mom and I went together and gave him money so he could order whatever bee stuff he needed.
Here was the little bee hive cake I tried to make. Rick's won't be getting any competition from me anytime soon!! ;) Ha!! But it tasted pretty good!
And here were our lovely guests, Matt's mom and dad!! They were being silly!!

It was a fun party!!

Winter Homecoming!

Friday night was our cousin, Maggie's Winter Homecoming and she was a junior maid so we didn't want to miss that!!

She was beautiful, as usual!

So was Brey!! ;)

I am really thinking of having him sign a copy of this so I can sell it on ebay when he is in the NFL. Ha!!

Maggie was so sweet to give Emma her bouquet so we had to have our own Homecoming ceremony when we got home. And here is pre-k maid, Miss Emma Evans... (when they were listing all of the girls' activities and accomplishments, she said "wow, I hope I have that many things to do too!" I was thinking, girl you almost already do!) Emma is the daughter of Matt and Leigh Evans. She is a pre-kindergartner at Coleman Academy. She is active in tap and ballet, soccer and swimming lessons. She is a former member of Durham's tiny tots class. She enjoys bossing playing with her brother and her Barbies.... Miss Emma Evans!! LOL!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are a few pictures from the kids' Valentine's parties at school!! Emma wasn't so sure that she wanted to give away her Princess Tiana cards, but Daddy finally got her to sign them and get them ready for her friends. I was sad that we ended up having to use the store bought versions, but I just wasn't up to being Mother of the Year and the melted crayon hearts were NOT working out. Oh well, next year... Aiden really liked his Spiderman cards so it all worked out in the end.
And just because this is one of my all time favorite pictures of the kiddos... Here is a blast from the past... Valentine's Day 2007! I loved Emma's dress and I loved Aiden's little Heartbreaker outfit!! Aiden was so serious, even then! :)

A few little things...

There are just a few little things that I wanted to record so that I will remember them...

  • Emma has been saying "that totally cracks me out" (instead of cracks me up).
  • She and Aiden have been playing really well together most of the time... However, last week when I picked them up at school, Emma told Aiden that he couldn't have babies because he was a boy and he ran and tackled her from about 6 feet back. The look on her face was totally priceless. She was shocked!! And then, of course, she cried.
  • Aiden is as sweet as can be , but lately he has been WHINEY!!! OH, my gosh, Mom and Dad. I am so sorry that I ever whined to you. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I really didn't mean it. Really. God, did you hear that? I repent!!!

But Back to how they have been playing well together...

  • They have been playing with their Zhu Zhu pets (Heart and Hamsty) a ton. Thanks, Nana!! They have built houses, stolen blankets from my material stash, and have a whole little town for them.
  • They have also been playing Barbies a lot. Poor Aiden, he needs a brother.
  • They have been playing dogs and Emma climbed on the counter and got Bella's little dog bowls and they were eating starbursts (aka dog treats) out of it and drinking water.
  • Lately, they have been playing baby a lot. I hardly even answer anymore when I hear "Mom" because it is usually them playing. They even got their old potty seat out of the attic and have been using it to go potty. Grrrr! Hell-o that was sanitized!

Also, for quite sometime Aiden has been saying "Hang" as in can you give me that "hang" (thing) and "Hink ooo" (thank you). And lately he has been just full of conversations, mostly about heaven. He is very concerned about when everyone will be going to heaven. And they are both very aware that is where Nana Barb is and they talk about her frequently. The other thing that Aiden says frequently is "When I be a baby..." will you feed me baby applesauce... will you change my diaper... etc. And on a similar note, one of their favorite breakfast foods are "waffles when Emma be a baby" (i.e. Eggo French Toast sticks that Emma loved when she was about 18 -24 months)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Happy 34th birthday Matt! We have now officially been together for half of your life too! I love that!!

For your birthday, the kids and I came up with a list of 34 reasons that you are the best husband/daddy ever!!

  1. You are special ~Emma
  2. You make me hot "slockit" (chocolate) ~Aiden
  3. You sit on the couch with me on Saturday mornings ~ Emma
  4. You make me deer meat ~ Emma
  5. You take me outside to pee ~ Aiden
  6. You keep our hot tub super clean
  7. You are very strong
  8. You make the best french toast ever
  9. You are a the best griller in the south
  10. You are the hardest worker I have ever seen
  11. You always teach me new things
  12. You appreciate the good ol' days
  13. You love us and we love you
  14. I think that you may secretly love Disney World as much as I do
  15. You love Christmas so much and you can't sleep the whole week before
  16. Four words... Bacon.Wrapped.Jalepeno.Thingies.
  17. You sing to us ;) (I could soooo post a video of this, but I love you so I won't!)
  18. You would actually let me drive your truck if I had to
  19. You are the better grocery shopper in the household
  20. You even clean the house when I slack off
  21. You love watching the same movie on HBO over and over and over
  22. You are very reliable
  23. You know how to do EVERYTHING
  24. You keep our house very warm
  25. You know how to fix everything
  26. You love Arkansas Football and get so excited for football season
  27. You built a snowman with me ~ Emma
  28. You are definitely a "hands on" dad and know everything about the kids and their routine
  29. Even though you aren't too big on church, I know that you love Jesus and you teach the kids to also. ;)
  30. You love to go, go, go and get antsy staying at the house too long
  31. You are always willing to help your family
  32. I love that we are high school sweet hearts and I will never wear boxer shorts as real shorts in front of you again! :)
  33. Because you tell me jokes that you "made up" and think they are so funny!
  34. Because you place such a high value on family!

We love you Matt / Daddy!!

We hope you have the best birthday ever!!

You are so very special to us!!