Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some Pre-Christmas Fun

We had a very blessed and a very busy Christmas season. I want to make sure never to schedule a vacation (much less 2) in the middle of the holidays ever again. We never seemed to get to slow down. Regardless, we had a great Christmas time. 

Coleman's Christmas Open House...
Making gingerbread men in Emma's Pre-K class

Emma's Pre-K Christmas Party. They got to wear pajamas and watch Polar Express.

Aiden's class ended up not having a Christmas party so I was glad that he got to go to Emma's.

After the Christmas Party, we went to the duck pond to use up some oldish bread. Here's what they looked like!!!
They looked super hungry so we went to a Bakery Outlet and they let us have 10 loaves for .25 each!! So we shared some with some other kids that were there and we fed them the remaining 6 loaves. So they seemed a little happier when we left! Emma and I have been talking about "being a light to others" and we decided that we were a "light" to the ducks that day. *tear* :)
Later, we made a trip to see the Lights of the Ozarks with some of the kids' bff's, Ella and Rylan and their parents. They had tons of fun! Riding the carriage, the horses and the camel. (Watch out... they spit!)

Ella took our picture! Future photographer!
One of my favorite Christmas traditions... Making candy with mom and Nana!! What a blessing to learn the treasured recipes and get to spend time with them. And Nana showed up this year in her brand new car!! So pretty (Nana and the car) :)!
Mom making toffee, we'll call it Butter Toffee ;) Paula Deen would have been proud, because if it tastes good with one stick of butter, I am sure that two sticks are even better!!!Once we figured out the right spoon Nana wanted she was all set to make her candy.

The candy makin' girls!
After the candy making, we got to have our annual reading of the Night Before Christmas at Aunt Brandy's in their new house. It was perfect with her big new fireplace! 
But the kids' favorite part was getting their "wine" (aka sparkling grape juice). I hope they don't all go to school and talk about getting to drink wine! :)

During my Landmarc Christmas party, Nana kept the kids and taught them how to pull taffy. 
Ok... this is the disappointment of the season... We love the Santa at the mall. We know that he must be the REAL one. So we skipped the Santa at Silver Dollar City, passed by the Santa at Disney World, and just waved at the Santa at the Square. So when we finally got to go see our Santa at the mall, we found out that the rumors were true and you can no longer take your own pictures. So I thought, fine we will forego the $48 pictures and just let them talk to Santa. When we finally got around the final corner and were almost there, Santa had to take a "reindeer feeding" break!! So we skipped it, went to Chick-Fil-A, left our letters for him on the hearth and called it good. So here are our 2009 Pictures with Santa! Next year, we will make reservations to the Breakfast with Santa event.

See him?? Yeah, he's there in the background! I promise!! ;)

Here is one from Christmas past...
Stay tuned for more Christmas catch up pictures!! :)

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