Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let it Snow!!!

This past Thursday and Friday, we got the biggest snow that we have gotten in about 10 years! It was so pretty and fun. So we did what all the country folk did and loaded up the four wheeler and headed for the hills for some good old fashioned sledding! And snow ball fights! And yes, that one that is being hurled at me by my favorite bother-in-law (and yes I did spell that right!) yeah, it hit me square in the chest!

Me and Matt.
Aiden taking his first solo run. He did great!
Emma and MaKayla taking off.
The kids finally got to make snow angels! Emma has been talking about doing this for no less than 2 years. She was so excited! The kids were hoping and praying that the electricity would go out so Nana (Judy) would come over and spend the night. We didn't want their prayers to work so Matt went and picked her up anyway. We had lots of fun with Nana having a "beauty" shop (although I think we were more beautiful before our appointment!!), pillow fights and a quick "swim" in the hot tub. Later, we got to make some snow ice cream! We had to make sure to avoid "yellow snow"!
This was Emma making sure to get just the right snow.
And to back track a little, last week Emma got one of her recital outfits so here is a sneak peek at that. This is her tap outfit.
And here is Aiden "doing some science." We thought you would like that, Grandpa.


  1. hey, what is your email? or e-mail me..
    jeff_keri at
    i would love to chat about dance! :)
    who is ms karen? do you mean julie?

  2. leigh~

    thanks for commenting on my blog! i always wonder who is reading since my number of "visits" goes up, but comments don't!

    ashley is a precious friend of mine - one of the best women i've known. and it's crazy that we're such good friends because when she and her family moved here (her dad was my pastor), she was in junior high. you just never know how the Lord is going to use people in your life! and i'm glad that once we're all adults, age doesn't really matter!

    i love your blog! your children are adorable! i haven't read the whole post about your grandmother (i just scrolled through and wanted to comment while i had time), but i am so sorry. please know that i will say prayers for you.

    my mam-maw died 2 months before my wedding. i was the baby of 17 grandchildren - and the only wedding she didn't attend. it crushed my soul that my best friend wasn't there. but she was in spirit.

    ok - i'll quit rambling! i'll stop by and visit often! hope you'll do the same!