Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane...

We barely got our stuff put up from Christmas before we headed out on another adventure. We were so excited to go see Grandpa and Granny Bev in California!!! We have been so blessed to get to take such fun trips out there to see them. Here they are meeting us at the San Francisco airport. Since the Hogs were playing in the Liberty Bowl, we headed straight for the hotel to watch the game and then Bev and I ran out to get In-n-Out burgers for supper and brought them back. It was the perfect start to our trip (especially thanks to Tejada!!)
The next morning, Emma and Aiden wanted to go across the Golden Gate Bridge. Now before it sounds like they are all cultural or something. I'll confess, they just wanted to see where Susan skated on the cars in Monsters vs. Aliens. Then they said "Suuuuusan! Oooo. I just scared myself" about a hundred times. :)
We got to go to the King Tut exhibit which was awesome!! I think we all really enjoyed it, except for the poor lady who was coughing up a lung in the 4th gallery. She has seen better days!

There was no photography or video in the exhibit, so this is all I got. :(
Next stop... Buena Vista Cafe for Irish Coffees. (And no parking tickets!! Yay!!)

OMGosh, I am in like 5 pictures in a row!! So get ready! And speaking of "like". I just need to document that it was on this trip that I realized just how much Emma talks like me! I am like actually never going to say like or actually again! ;) 
The Hyde Powell Trolley!
There was a 4 story Williams Sonoma. I sooooo have to have this 90th Anniversary edition Kitchen Aid mixer. It is candy apple red! We gotta make that happen. 
And then my newest desire... Le Crueset. Gotta get me some of that! (Dear Santa, mix it up with the colors and check with Bev on the best sizes. Definitely the grill pan though. Thanks!! Love, Leigh)
Alcatraz. No sea lions today though.
We got lunch at Matt's ALL TIME FAVORITE place in SF, Bubba Gumps!
We got a table by the window and the view was awesome! I ate the best BBQ pork sliders ever with the perfect view of Alcatraz! :)
They even sang Happy Birthday to Emma and made her stand on her chair. She was such a pro!! It was just a month ago that she was hiding under the table from Goofy and here she is standing on her chair letting the whole place sing to her!
On the way out of SF, we stopped by Pacifica to get our nearly annual picture on the beach and our baby food jar of sand.

Emma loved running from the waves. They got her a time or two, but she loved that too!
Aiden was happier away from the waves where he could make sand "castles".
After a short-ish car ride, we made it to Turlock. Emma was in her night gown and had made herself at home within minutes of our arrival. 
But we had big plans for that afternoon. We went to the mall in Modesto to go to Build-a-Bear for their birthday presents! Emma has been wanting a "boy Build-a Bear" all year! She got him! Batman Evans and Spiderman Batman are our newest family members!
Superman Aiden cleaning Spiderman Batman.
That evening, Granny Bev surprised us with a birthday party for the kids, complete with cakes, balloons, Spiderman and Princess plates, and their favorite foods: Spaghetti and Nachos!!! It was so thoughtful and special!

The next morning we woke up and celebrated Christmas with them!

Then we had Christmas breakfast with pancakes, waffles and bacon. 

When Granny Bev's lemon tree life hands you lemons...

...make lemonade!
and drink it!
Then take a bath because you are so sticky from all the lemon juice!
Then go get an In-n-Out burger, because they are the best thing ever and because you are really stressed out from aforementioned bath and resulting bubbly mess.  We are so thankful that Grandma and Grandpa will be moving back soon but oh, how we will miss those Double Doubles!
Granny Bev helped the kids roll out the biscuits for our breakfast on our last day there. They were delicious!

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  1. what a fun trip! I love San Fran! Jeff and I found out we were pregnant with Caroline while we were there...then we headed to Napa that next day! Lots of fun there...I hope we can go back someday! :)