Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve we got to have Christmas at Mom's house. 
She loved her heated mattress pad!
And Matt loved his big boy Spiderman "wear wear". Aiden was excited to be twins!! :)
That afternoon, we quickly made some cookies for Santa. They wanted the kind that they could do all by themselves. (Can you tell Aiden's mouth is full of cookie dough?)
That evening, we had our annual Christmas eve party at Nana's. There was a BIG surprise for my mom's cousin, Dee. Her sister, Nancy, came from Indiana to surprise her! We asked Dee to go turn down the heater and she was walking past that box and even tried to move it and then Nancy jumped out. It was priceless!! I think she almost peed in her pants!! ;)
Me and my Nana!
The family... opening presents!
The Evans crew...
The kids played pin the face on Frosty. Emma was proud of her work!
Our evening got cut short at Nana's because of the snow. We always read The Christmas Story from Luke and have some kind of entertainment, usually a live nativity of some kind. But, it was really coming down in Greenland. It was so pretty! I can't believe I forgot to take a picture. Probably because I was dodging snowballs from Kyle! When we got home, we put out our reindeer food...
And snacks for Santa...
And sang a little Christmas song...
And then went to bed! To be continued...

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